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Social Commentary

 This is the new site of Ken Goldberg’s Law and Disorder show. Welcome to my domain and I mean that in the broadest sense. I aim to bring commentary to the political, legal and social issues of our time. 

With the help of my co-host AJ Crowell we will shed light and dark on today’s issues which few dare do. Corrupt cops and courts, yoga and meditation, addiction and recovery and more. 

Unique Viewpoints

 The hosts of this show have a long and multi-storied history of working with some of the toughest characters society has ever seen. Both worked in the streets and schools, with street gangs and biker clubs, cons and ex-cons and yet constantly interacting with those we may call high society. And we bring the viewpoints! 

No "BS"

 If you want honest, no bullshit, interesting input on the matters of the day then this is where you will come.  You want to hear your thoughts given voice and none better than Ken Goldberg, a trial lawyer, handgun expert and former Buddhist monk to bring it! Few can cook in the same kitchen at the same time with Ken, but AJ can and does. 

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