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Message to our fans.

Most of my life I have lived brutally honest and dangerously close to the edge as many of you know.  However, as the years go by I have found myself humbled by age, sobriety and God. My successes have been matched all along the way by my missteps. My fears were cloaked in aggression but I have been lucky to never have to hurt someone seriously in anger.

Now I thank all the fans who have followed me hither and thither while I struggled with life in the trenches. I reached a turning point. When I got there, I decided to return to a life based on spiritual principles rather than fear. Most talk show hosts never cop to the fear of failure or life’s travails. My audience has had the advantage of seeing me play out the drama in real time. I have not been dishonest with you in the past and I will not start now. I am recovering from a moral breakdown after the failure of the show. That is to say that I was self-will run riot and fueled by fear that I would not resume my place in the limelight. I know now that while I may not reclaim my former status as a successful radio host, I am and will be OK.  I just had to find the tools to put my pride and ego in check. Something my colleagues in the industry have historically failed to find.

Please feel free to say hi if we meet in the street or drop a line to ask a legal question.  Enjoy listening to old shows and/or seeing pictures of our life in Tucson . I spend a lot of free time hiking.


As the Chinese proverb says: Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still.

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