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News Links

For Discussion on the show 1-26-08 




For Discussion on the show 1-12-08 




 Drug Links, and other Victimless Crimes


Click here: Marijuana Law Reform - NORML

http://www.come.to/az4norml      (Arizona NORML)

Reform of Marijuana Laws NORML Texas

Families Against Mandatory Minimums' website

Media Awareness Project - Drug News Archive

Drug Policy Forum of Texas

Electronic Music Defense and Education Fund - Laws & Cases regarding legislation for Club Drugs

Schaffer Library of Drug Policy -Text of government studies, historical books and research.
  (Check out the DEA page/response toward the bottom)

The Stanton Peele Addiction Web Site-For a different perspective on Addiction

The November Coalition -Support & advocacy for prisoners and their families

DrugSense  -Education & activism links

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights

NarcoNews -Mostly South America and Mexico news you won't find in US media "11,074,540 Hits Since April 18, 2000"


Sex Crime Discussion








Gun Links

Packing.org Concealed Carry (CCW) information from State to State.

Firearms Tactical Institute

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Yahoo! News Full Coverage- Gun Control Debate

Jurist - Legal Education Network on Gun Laws, Gun Control, and Gun Rights.

Brady gun control


Friend Links

Unofficial Yahoo group for the show, started by a listener 1-28-03.

DFW Nites - your #1 source for news, views, and reviews on adult entertainment in the DFW Metroplex.


Guests Links

From the 3-12-03 show Kids in Mind - a website designed to help parents make decisions about what movies they allow their children to watch by just giving the facts of what the movie contains .

From the 2-5-03 show, Kenn Blanchard, guest speaker at Counter Attack 2003, visit his website at http://www.blackmanwithagun.com/ 

From the 11-23-02 show, guest Ray Hill's website, www.rayhill.info

Guest Ned Rollo's website, Developing educational materials and programs that help prepare offenders to live in society as responsible, productive citizens,from the 9-1-02 show .

Travel Fanatic - Guest(12-06-01), Annette Baron's website all about travel.

Hyperspace Studios - Guy, the man that did Ken's last tattoo,  design website.

 Other Topic Links

From a listener - Journal of Opinion Tom Paine.com

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