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Ken Goldberg


Ken is a recent resident of Tucson AZ. He moved here from  Dallas, TX where he founded the DFW Gun Range and Training Center, a highly acclaimed firearms training center. He is also a practicing trial lawyer who has represented clients in high profile murders, drug trafficking and public corruption cases. Ken spent many years defending himself on the streets first as a young runaway and drug abuser and then as a social worker with hard-core delinquents. Ken has been the subject of an ABC Television documentary and guest appeared on the Phil Donohue show. In addition, he has been interviewed/featured on most major national news shows for a variety of issues.

In his own words: I am 56 years old. I got this old by being very street smart. From the age of 13 to 18, I spent most of my time in the streets of the south side of
Chicago, as a runaway from a physically abusive dad. While my family was affluent, I chose to live in poverty and crime, sometimes living in the basements of apartment buildings and churches. When I got older I became a youth worker and specialized in working with the toughest kids I could find in the streets. I even created a not for profit agency so I could hire myself because no one else would hire a high school dropout to work with kids. Although I dropped out of high school I eventually received a GED, high school equivalency when I was 18. I didn't see the inside of a classroom again until 11 years later when I began college. I spent 2 years in college, then at the age of 33, I entered law school. During that period, in 1982, I had to stop in Detox for substance abuse.

During school I continued to work as a social worker with high risk populations in the inner city. My own experiences as a street urchin and a drug abuser made me feel drawn back to the streets to do my job. After law school, I started my own law office. That way I could stay with what I had come to know the best, the streets! I have learned most of the tricks of survival by always bringing my work to the streets and the streets to my work. I have been in numerous life and death encounters, including being shot at a few times. I have seen hate and most of its permutations. I am too old to rock and roll and too young to die.

I am licensed to practice law in 3 states,
Texas, Arizona and Illinois. I studied law with some of the best trial lawyers in America including Gerry Spence, Racehorse Haynes, Roy Black and Morris Dees (the founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center and the KKK Watch). I have represented clients in all types of criminal cases including first degree murder charges.

I studied firearms with some of the best also. Thunder Ranch, Gunsite, Halo, and the Executive Protection Institute. I spent many years instructing formally and I was licensed by the state of
Texas to teach security officers.

I was a Big Brother of
Chicago for over 10 years and became a foster parent to a young man I was appointed to represent on criminal charges in the juvenile court in Chicago.

Nowadays I love hiking in the mountains surrounding Tucson. However, most of all I love being present for Rachael (Red Cloud). Annastacia (Yellow Flower) and Alexandria (Little Lizard), my family now. The best of both worlds, is hiking with my family. I have discovered serenity through being in the now with nature and my environment. We eat well, treat the Earth with respect and seek the companionship of great spirits.



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