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1-11-08  Ken, your so right on many topics; one being that the people who listen to talk
radio are afraid to call in. Why I'm not sure. Compared to Dallas this town is dead.
Most people come here to escape the snow and retire. As far as things to do for parents with kids, I feel there ain't much. Same goes for jobs. It's been like this for about 20 years that I have lived here. Keep on, keeping on Ken

1-5-08 While I have listened to your program since you came on the air, I'm still not sure just what you are all about! You seem like a good guy, father to two girls (I think), and you are really trying to make it a better world. Just keep up the good work.

1-5-08 Will remind our members today that you are on the air and want a call.
Here's one for discussion: how much does a woman make compared to a man
for the similar job? is it still 65 CENTS on the dollar??? okay, many women work and are single moms and have little ones and how in the HELL are they supposed to pay the same amount in fines as a MAN to begin with, overlooking the obvious, that women are the largest and poorest minority in the WORLD. Women and children are still the least important humans on the food chain and the Republicans really are racist, the ones i know are.
12-31-07 I catch your show most Saturday mornings. I get a little impatient with the too much time spent on personal anecdotes. A few are fine. Chuck is my man with some straight to the core comments on issues.

12-13-07 Love the show! Finally got around to signing up. Keep up the good work!

11-24-07 Am I catching the indication of future justice with the new down trodden
to be by income level as opposed to race, color, or creed.

Sitting around the cafe porch across the intersection from your office a discussion with one of the kids about pull-overs by cops soon revealled that those who looked like politically connected were being identified early in the stop by questions like "May I see your business card?" as opposed to "May I see your license and registration?".
Or perhaps was he checking for a city business card because of a special protocol?
On that Coming originally from Geauga county to the east of Cleveland, on your
Slavic Village story that's Cuyahoga pronounced CUY-A-HOG-GA _not_ cui-u-ga.
Its also different from Cuyuga found in upstate NY though it uses the same Latin pronunciation rules when speaking it. Cleveland's county is named after the river from an Erie tribe word meaning 'crooked' as the Cuyahoga River is very wandering taking a reverse fish hook path starting from the east traveling south, then west, then past Akron heading north finally in snaking path to empty into Lake Erie roughly city center on the lake. I suspect that the area you spoke of is south from the Irish flats on the west side of the river. An area noted for eastern orthodoxy rounded bulbous domed steeples. (See houses pictured in "A Christamass Story" with Ralphie wanting a Red Rider BB gun, though many of those shots were done on the eastside in Euclid.) In the later sixties this Slavic area was becoming abandoned by the predominantly Eastern European families as the kids grew up and moved outside of the county as part of urban flight. The county with these old neighborhoods levied a county income tax and so the working and minority poor as well as new immigrants moved in but could not replace the wage earning tax base that had left. This area may be the centraleastern side of Dennis Kucinich's district which is on the west side of the river.
Do you ride your horse down the RYE-LITE-TOE? You made a Spanish pronunciation of a Latinized Native American word having a classical Latin phonetical pronunciation. You have been here in Nova Hispania long enough to automatically use Spanish rules verses the English rules you learned in the east in grade school. A symptom of going native.
On that story there was a tale from the last Great Depression from Cleveland where after a while rather than increase the homeless in Hovervilles, as well as see the property become decayed reducing its value for the lien holder, there was a deal that the loans could go interest only. The family could stay in the house and pay the monthly interest only payments, but the term of the loan would be extended one month for every
such payment less than the full rate. When jobs were available again regular payments were resumed and the term period stopped growing. Also payments applied to principle vs. interest accounting may have been described heavy on interest early on to prevent this use later. Thirty year fixed loans would come (1950-60's) with a sheet describing how much each month's payment during the term of the loan was applied towards interest and how much to loan principle. Mortgage Lien holders may well want to figure a loan payment schedule for interest and principle with an interest only condition that families can use to retain property ownership use while providing for a path of reasonable return on the mortgage loan again.
For the longest time now with all this talk of cameras on the street corner by the city I am surprised Goldberg & Osborne doesn't have a camera on Grant & Campbell going to a DVR hard drive to record traffic crashes for soon to be clients in order to better settle disputes on what happened. Any way I stumbled upon the show - good job.
11-17-07 Watched BLAZING SADDLES on AMC last nite had to turn it off Too many words eliminated - The sherrif is a nnear. What is the world comming to My 9 year old is watching the Saturday morning cable animal shows I had to have her change the channel because all they were saying was bitches Darn Westminster Dog Show
11-10-07 We have laws regulating the borders and those who chose to disobey those laws.
Granting licenses to those who are illegal, and granting citizenship to those who deliver babies this side of the border, is to only encourage many more to cross our borders illegally. Also those illegals who take advantage of free schooling, and medical services, and even social security benefits, food stamps, etc. was only meant for those legal
immigrants, not illegal immigrants.
Women having babies on this side of the border was only meant for those who are legally here, not illegals. There are many reasons for these laws, not to mention terriorism crossings, and those illegals who are not vacinated for many of the diseases that have destroyed the lives of those who throught transmission of diseases have spead their diseases this side of the border.
11-3-07 really do enjoy your show -especially hard to find open dialog with the consoladated media as it's become.same age as you and spent my tender years in the city (chicago)those days you just can't forget-anyway you have a great show thanks
10-27-07 I just heard the show for the first time this morning. I haven't heard enough to form an opinion, but my gut says I will like it and keep listening. But I do want to comment on the "meeting of the minds" comment. A contract does NOT require a meeting of the minds. It has been a while since my 1L Contracts class, but I remember this because Jean Braucher read us the riot act after the midterm because too many of us thought the standard was "meeting of the minds." The correct standard is the appearance of mutual assent judged from an objective external perspective, i.e., what looks like mutual assent to uninterested uninvolved parties, regardless of what the parties acutally intend. (See Section 19 of the 2nd Restatement.) I'm not sure if your comments adequately expressed that. But I think your callers understand that you're making snap judgment calls and that they shouldn't rely on your advice. Thanks for doing the show.
10-20-07 I enjoy the show. Thanks.
10-20-07  Listening to your show is quite informative and offers a point of view not publicized in Tucson etc. I will call you in the near future to chat or meet you. I was born and raised in Chicago, heard of police brutality in Chicago over my entire life. Enough is enough. Keep Up The Good WorkListening to your show is quite informative and offers a point of view not publicized in Tucson etc. I will call you in the near future to chat or meet you. I was born and raised in Chicago, heard of police brutality in Chicago over my entire life. Enough is enough. Keep Up The Good Work
10-13-07  I am interested in reciving firearm training for personal and home safety for myself and my wife Who would you recommend?
10-12-07 Great Show! Keep up the great commentary and keep your honest and accurate points of view coming.
10-9-07 I have listened to your program from the inception, as often as I am able.
It is refreshing to hear a down to earth no nonsense, common sense, advocate for human existence in this chaotic world. Stay on!!
9-25-07 love the website. it's really great to hear an honest perspective on what we ALL know is legal and political bullshit. keep doing what you're doing, you got mad respect and honor from us up here in Chicago.
8-25-07 Hey Ken! Yes, I'm one of your listeners, responding to your request this morning to
visit the web-site. I really enjoy your show. I scares me that you agree with me on most
issues, or, vice-versa. Keep it goin'!
8-25-07 I love the show. As a former Chicagoan and law enforcement/court professional, I can really identify with your commentary about "the old days" and the present condition of the system. You are a refreshing addition the normally mundane Saturday morning radio. Thanks for your program.
8-18-07  Great show Ken. I now look forward to listening to Saturday morning radio. I'll Be keeping you in mind for any future legal needs that may arise.
8-18-07 I'm regular blue collar type, I work 6 days a week and look forward to Saturday morning radio. Saturday is the only day I listen to old fashion radio, the other 6 its Sirius satellite radio.That should show you I really dig your thoughts, views and overall show. Your a big part of the morning broadcast Ive come to enjoy sooo much. Hearing you talk as if your show is not enjoyed or listened to really brings me down. You must know that there are many listeners who don't call in, which isn't to say that your not appreciated. When you said its getting harder to come do the show each week I had to come right in and send you this and let you know we're out here Ken, and we love you and the show. Please keep it up.Oh and I'd like very much to come and you meet soon.
7-21-07 Thank you for telling it like it is.
7-7-07 The 9-11 interview went very well I thought. Although I, too, believe that 9-11 was an inside job, you brought forth some very good questions challenging the guests. My birthday is September 11th and thats what really kicked my ass in gear for government accountability. Thanks for a great show all around! ~Rocky "Get off your ass and take
your government back!"
6-21-07 you make my saturday mornings. i stumbled on you one morning and you are now appointment radio. always enjoy hearing intelligent debate, no matter if i agree or not.

5-28-07 Just that I look forward to each Saturday morning for the show. It's always quite a lively discussion and makes my brain work a little harder. Great show!

6-3-07 I do think 104.1 would make a good venue for the show.

4-20-07 I enjoy your show a lot. You make very good sense -- and I can learn much from your experience. By the way, The John Birch Society is definitely not a racist organization. It seeks to non-violently bring the American public back around in rebirthing our constitutionalize form of government, restoring freedoms that we have been slowing loosing to big government and corporate greed..... Corporations that are buying or forcing out other corporations and getting more and more control over markets that freeze
out free enterprise. Government workers, along with many of the rest of us will be broken financially by what NAFT unleashes on the hard working truckers in this country...and the ma kee la doras force lower wages that mimic modern day slavery in this country. while District Federal courts judges cater to Corporate power and influence, ignoring laws that allow workers to be manipulated and trodden upon. Monopolistic Capitalism stiffles free enterprise and is worse than Communism or Socialism. Wars are now being promoted for profits, while our young and innocent men and women die in foreign wars, for whose profit or for whose ideal and morality. Politicians lie through their teeth, one eyed jacks with no concern for present and future generations. We, says the Birtch Society, need to get back to Limited Capitalism, that allows free speach and prohibits monopolies from controling the news mediam or the free market in general. We need more newspapers, tv stations that are privately owned. Monopolies prohibit free speech and free trade. Private exposure can reveal these evils that is among us, such as the laws that are ignored by
our courts with the promise of re-elections so long as these congressment play by the corporate books and vote as they are told to vote. Who ever can afford and command the largest campain fund, wins, at the price of not serving the populace, but the contributors who expect a pay back. Our government should never allow port authorities to sell franchises to foreign interests that can operate in the the United States to run our harbors, unloading, scheduling ships, etc., Such foreign interests are a continuing threat to our future economic and military threat to our security, and why can't we manage our own ports, as if there is no longer the talent in this country to find a company that can handle our own docks? This approved by congress sell out to allow such dominion by foreign companies simply shadows the decline of American Influence, and our ability to compete...while the exporting of American jobs to sweat houses in Mexico, Canada, and over seas to China, India, Korea, Phillipines, Formosa (Okinawa) destroys the middle class in this country, lowering their income to that of foreign sweat shops...while pulling the
rug out from under those hard working entroponiers that would otherwise rise in a truly free enterprise system where the company cares about the financial success, education, and security /health of its workers as appreciation for their efforts in building a competitive successful company that can compete on the world market.
What would have happened if Japan had port authority over Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941? The terror we now face is coming over our borders in greater and greater numbers with less and less scrutiny in the name of NAFTA to counter the foreign currencies that have replaced the dollar in most of Europe. If you look in our libraries, you finds dozens of magazines showing House and Garden, furniture, cars, luxury condos, fancy vacation rondevues, fine clothing---> things management can afford, but the blue collar worker can only dream about! The blue collar worker in this country has seen the
magazines dissappear about subjects that highlight science, industry, electronics, mechanics, with only dozens of House and Garden and Sports magazines to replace them. The lack of literature only spirals down whatever interest would have taken off if such publications were readily available on library shelves. Libraries have thus cancelled many of the subscriptions that interest the hands on experimenter....subscriptions to
such magazines as Sky and Telescope, Mechanics Illustrated, Popular Photography, biker magazines, Electronics Illustrated, and other do-it-yourself basic learning publications. You'll have to first find and buy these publications at Border's if you want to afford the expense of buying them. There won't be and back issues to reference at borders, as you used to find at libraries. Still the blue collar worker pays taxes to support the magazines on library shelves that tempt the haves, while ignoring subscritions to put on the shelf that hold the attention of the "have nots." Look at the proportion of House Beautiful kinds of magazines; then look at the few magazines that appeal to the lower classes! Oh yes, you'll still find Scientific American, but this is written for the college grad who already has some collegent basis for understanding and appreciating what this magazine is about, with excess cash in his pocket. The poorer classes support the richer classes in taxes that support the libraries, which in turn cater basically to the rich or well off. Without a grass roots ability to learn from such hand's on publications, the poor will be even less advantaged, and who can afford a college education these days without going deep into debt?

4-14-07 I love your show and your legal experience, sense of humor and opinions.
Truly, law and disorder is the state of affairs in this country.
4-14-07 great program this morning, esp. re: rfid's
4-3-07 While the local news stations air the important "news" about the car accidents, house fires, and rattle snakes hanging out at Home Depot ('if it bleeds, it leads') you are honing in on the real issues. Keep it up.
3-22-07 Great Site. I hope to get to hear your radio show this Saturday. Is it online? Keep up the good work and praise be to God we get this Country straightened out!
Roar for Freedom http://www.roarforfreedom.com
3-21-07 I just heard about this site and radio show through an email you sent to an acquaintance - ZMan. Although I have not heard your show, I hope to do so in the future. I do hope that you address the absurdity of and hysteria surrounding sex offender legislation. I recently testified (successfully) at the Virginia General Assembly against an expansion of residency restrictions and the elevation of "carnal knowledge of a minor 13-15" to a "violent sexual offense" regardless of the age of the perpetrator. These laws and restrictions do not protect the public and are the result of
media hype. I hope that you will work to dispel these myths and provoke some thought in people in this country who still have the ability to actually THINK!
I hope you will consider joining SOSEN -the Sex Offender Support and Education Network - to get a better feeling for these issues and the people caught in this national travesty. Thank you
3-13-07 I've seen the Borat segment before. You were one of the only people who treated Borat like a human being instead of an idiot. Another guy who treated him well was Porter Wagoner at the Grand Ol Opry. My opinion of Porter went way up when I saw that.
Thanks for the brief history of Chicago street gangs on a recent show. I lived on the edge of the ghetto around 53rd and Stony Island and rode the El and the Subway all night. Surprisingly, I was always treated with respect by the Blackstone Rangers. Back in the late seventies I was a crazy punk-rocker on speed. They may have left me alone because they could sense that I didn't care if I lived or died. When I was younger we lived around Clark and Diversey. The big gang around there was the Latin Kings. Their grafitti had a crown over it.
Feedback on the show: I tune in to your show for legal defense issues, libertarian theory, firearms discussion, chat with callers and story telling. These are unique to your show.  I tune out on the political talk. It's NOT unique, and can be heard all over the radio dial. I just don't need it.
3-12-07 Ken keep being the great talk show host that you are. Being a fellow Chicagoan, I really miss hearing your show here in the Dallas area. I am a police officer and I have really learned a lot from listening to your show.
2-17-07 My Husband listens to your show devoutly every sat and has told me about a dilema you have. My interest is in helping you with your problem with shingles. Have you considered Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM)? I am an Acupuncturist/ Herbalist here in Tucson.In 2005 I
took part in a study done in Beijing on treatment of shingles with TCM. Patients had very good results in a short time period. It would be worth a try if you have not already considered it. Best of luck, Eli P.S. Hubby suggests The French Quarter as a great place for your party.
2-11-07 It is a wellcome change to my sat. morn listening. Righteously radical, some questionable topics ( but that's ok ), good rambling on. I called first as Ed than went on to my ol Michigan nickname Edju. And will admit I do have those feelings of is, he a narc? I went thru that in my youth just because I kept abreast of the law and didn't snitch or take any shit. Was told not to cross the Blue Line anymore and I would be given due respect. La dolce vita
2-10-07 Our system is broken and I do not think that it can be fixed. Our freedom is being taken away by our own representatives who pass laws without thinking of the unintended consequences. Most of our citizens who end up in prison are going to be released. Many are locked up for
trivial reasons but the consequence is that their lives have been ruined. We are propagating a class of citizen-convicts who become more hard core while in prison. Upon release there are no jobs for ex-cons and many must resort to a life of crime in order to get money. Most have lost their right to vote and their point of view is therefore never heard. We are left with an electorate which is manipulated by politicians to be fearful and who will vote for those who promise more strict laws. The law & order industry keeps on growing and more and more laws are passed to lock more
and more people up. To paraphrase the words of Thomas Jefferson, "A society which is willing to give up it's freedoms in favor of it's security will end up with neither"
10-2-06 I am also a Chicago kid, but have been here for nearly
all my life. What a breath of fresh air your show is, and I admire you
for the courage and honesty to be a rebel. With the walls falling down on
America there are few of your breed. Maybe if we had more like you we
could save our dear nation from the destruction at which it's headed. God
Bless You and your crew!
8-26-06 enjoy the show, very very unique
8-22-06 Have only recently joined your listeners. Very informative. Will certainly be spreading the word. Thank you for your dedication to the public service.
8-19-06 Hello Mr Goldberg Been listening for quite a while and was on the air
with you briefly Just got on your mailing list today talking about the Jon
Benet case Always enjoy the show Lets have a drink together sometime I go
to the old Desert Diamond just about every Sunday and they have an ok bar
there if that sounds ok to you Let me know ..
8-19-06 Ken, first of all, your show is one of the very few radio shows I can stand:

* Ken Goldberg (i'm pissed off whenever I realize it is 5:55pm on Sat and
I missed it)
* Phil Hendrie (broke my heart when he went off of the radio)
* Stephanie Miller (very funny & fresh, 10am weekdays, so I rarely get to
hear it. Even her stupid Bush rants are funny)
* Kim Komando (I don't run for the off button when she comes on, no big
* Mormon music at 4-4:30 am Sunday morning on 1330 (I'm not Mormon, I just
like the show, but I don't always catch it believe it or not)

I haven't thought deeply about your world, and so I would sound like even
more of a moron on the air than I am, but you have interesting points of
view and present them well, and I'm glad you have thought deeply about
your world.

If I need a defense attorney, your my man, and since I have a 14 yr old
boy, we may get to meet someday. Thanks!

8-17-06  I love the show. Kkeep up the good work.
7-29-06 Hey Ken -  Hope you stay on air, I enjoy the show.  I called today end of show ed Ride no sister chuck (his show) He is talking out his ass,  I agree with you on this one.. Gave the bank robber analogy,  Regarding equal response - Didn't finish my point... If my hostage is shot by swat,  while fleeing the bank... KEN,  who is charged with the murder????? Me or the shooter (gov. agent swat, fbi, etc.)
Tell chuck I know the answer, They want USA jurist prudence applied to these scumbags Explain to chuck why hiding behind people doesn't resolve guilt.
The innocent blood is on their hands not Israel's.  If you will hide bombs in your moms/uncle/sisters etc. house... You wouldn't decal a van to look like an ambulance? Why not? Who was in those ambulances?
I'll be listening...
Ps Chuck: how many tanks has hezbo purchased with the massive funding from
(for sure iran) (that was his response check the tape) ive heard $100 mill
a year support for iran alone If using terror as a tactic you don't buy tanks you buy ieds or shitty rockets or suit case nukes or gas or whatever you can get your hands on.
You don't attack Israel's strength (tanks)...u shoot soviet anti tank eapons at Israel's tanks (current news look at it) They are not dumb... You hide behind the shirts/children/elderly of your population and hope those with a conscience won't strike back at those targets And hope for press/public opinion for victory/appeasement

7-29-06  enjoy the show decent defense of isreal against chuck i support your postion but you left allot out no sister chuck is talking out his ass hope you stay on air
7-25-06 Rock on Ken! Love the show...

7-6-06  I am in the Dallas area and I would like to know if I can pick up your show on the internet. I really miss you all. You all had a very electrifying show. I loved it. I wish you all great success.
Stacey Battle ~aka~ PaladinX

5-9-06 Your show is a breath of fresh air. I admire your
truthfulness. Please discuss the new law in Arizona regarding the use of
deadly force against a person breaking into your home. Keep up the good work and don't let that darned JOLT run you off like they have some others. I wish they'd get their STUFF together, broadcast some good shows, and dump the trash. YOU'RE GREAT ! Thank you for the service you are providing. The information you present is important!
5-6-06 You still suck, but less than before. I'm still listening.
3-4-04  MY DFW Frieds liked your show when it was on the air. We need a now like yours in San Antonio. People are boring here.
1-20-04 Used to enjoy the show greatly while it was going on. I called in a time or two to discuss the Play Pen. I'd like to join the email list.
5-5-03 Congrats on the success of the show so far. Can't wait for what the future holds.
5-5-03 I just want to say that this is a refreshing, and informative talk show.Furthermore, Mr. Goldberg is an interesting, and informative comminuicator. But if i may, I would like to inject a few comments about tonight's show. In referance to the police officer who peppersprayed the (child), he was totally out of line. Had it of been my child, i would be out for blood!!  And on the issue of the slot machine's, it might be possable to spend that much money, cause in Reno, the slots are nickne, quarter, and if i am not mistaken, 10 dollar tokens.
5-5-03 Love your show, thanks!
5-5-03 Whats going on with the show? Enjoy it. Hope I can still hear you.
5-5-03 Dear Sirs, Thank you for your time. I am a British Citizen living in Oklahoma. I am a truck driver who goes to San Antonio 3 times a week, wich is how I heard of your show. I would like to purchase a NFA firearm but do not want to renounce my citizenship either. I have heard of Class 3 firearms being the property of companys/corporations and would like, at your convenience, your input if this is an option for me to look at.
5-3-03 Caught the show a couple of months ago and have been hooked ever since. I try to listen as often as i can. Keep up the great work.
5-3-03 Hey, Ken, love the show. Moved to the DFW area just a year ago this month (by way of Columbus, OH) and I must admit, I love the show. I love your stances on, well, pretty much everything; most importantly, firearms. I'm a twenty-one year old guy, which in Texas, if I took the right courses and such, I could prove my knowledge of firearms and their uses far beyond all qualifications. Yet in Ohio, concealled carry has not yet become a bill. What must I do to get my concealled carry license while here, and how can I push for one when I return to Ohio?
5-3-03 Yes guys, it is a real email address!! LOL Please keep me informed on all your stuff!! I LOVE you guys!!!!!!!!
5-3-03 I've been listening to Ken for a couple of months. I din't like it at first, but the show is growing on me now.
5-3-03 Frequent Listener while on the road around the metroplex during the evening hours. Enjoy your criticism of the world around us here in the good ole U.S.of A and your opinions of the the battle of the classes. The only time I change the channel is when you get totally f'd up at the Lodge. Remember to always enjoy the buzz because it is a waist of time when you abuse the buzz. Loyal listener 99.9999999% of the time!
5-3-03 Brother Ken, I am a Christian and I must say that you show...rocks! Thank you for the good radio 6 nights a week. I love the topics that you bring. I know that you are not influenced by ANY outside sources otherwise you would not question the governments actions the way you often to. Good radio in my opinion is not agreeing with everything that is said but rather topics that make you think and you make me think Ken. Thank you so much. You said tonite that you do the show each night and the least we as listeners can do is join the email list. I respect you so I am happy to join. Keep up the great work. I heard that you may not be around forever. Say it isn't so bro!
5-3-03This is the first mail I have written to you, just saying hello and I am glad I found your show on the air about a month a ago. I have been a loyal listener from that time on, I first heard you on 105.3 on the Pug's n Kelly show almost 2 months ago, just never got a chance to tune into your own show. My work scheduale changed so I decided to give you a shot. I must say it's the best talk show on the whole damn radio, and I think you are one of the most intellegent hosts I have heard in a long time on the radio. Thanks for the show, and I hope yout throat does not have you off the air for too long if at all. Thanks,
5-2-03 I think your show kicks ass! Keep on keeping on! Please let me know more about the Funker Buster Party. I'd enjoy hanging out with all of you.
5-2-03 Love the show! You get me home every night! Keep the gun topics coming!
5-2-03 I missed most of the show last night ... what's this about going off the air this is the only show on 105.3 I actually like I would hate to see it go away
5-2-03 keep on kickin ass!!
5-1-03 You guys have a great show. I thoroughly enjoy listening every day. Keep it up. Thanks,
5-1-03 OK..What about these parties?
5-1-03 Ken We listen to your show all the time @ work. We're all big fans. I know, get them on the mailing list. I'm working on it. First I'm starting with myself. Keep up the good work, man!!!
5-1-03 Ken, Yes, info on future show content would be helpful. Love your show and how bout an invitation to the Party? I listen while driving a big rig around Texas. Your alternate views are refreshing and help keep my mental faculties stimulated. Keep up the good work.
5-1-03 please keep me informed about any future shows and or events-love the show!
5-1-03 love the show and love you guys rock on! please tell me about future shows
5-1-03 From "Good Housekeeping" article, 1954: "When you stand outside a room where a group of Narcotics Anonymous is meeting, the most frequent sound you hear is laughter. Mellow laughter, which can come only from people who have looked destruction and catastrophe in the face, not once but continuously over long years, and now are free and unafraid. The laughter, in short, of people who hold God's hand and feel safe."
5-1-03 i lisson most everyday from 9 to 11pm and like your show better then russ
4-30-03 Hi Ken I'm a police Cpl with the Fort Worth Police Dept and I love your show…
4-30-03 Blaze, Ken, Shemp, Dave: Add me to the list! Although I can't make it to the Lodge events for some reason, I look forward to a party in the Mid-cities somewhere. Let's get it on! Love the show,
4-29-03 i use to hit scan on the radio but not anymore! i love listening to your show you are very interesting and i like the way you let both sides of the story be told. it doesn't have to be just your way you are willing to listen to other peoples point of view with open mind. keep up the great work!
4-29-03 Listening to the show Tuesday night, as I try to do every night, and heard Ken promoting this web sight. Since I enjoy the show so much, thought I'd like to join the email mailing list. Keep up the good and open-minded work crew. Thanks for the change in radio listening!
4-29-03 Fellas, Ken, I vote for a Thursday Funk Buster, but not a for club atmosphere. That's for the weekends where you can recover in due time. How 'bout more of a pool hall type joint? Don't know if you guys ever been there - Cape Buffalo - on Addison Rd and Trinity Mills by the Tollway. It's not too quiet, it's not too loud. Good place for a Thursday after work. Hey Ken and Crew, man, I been keepin my end and have listened more. Good stuff. Keep it comin. Cheers,
4-29-03 Please add me to your list! I love your show, it is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

4-29-03 Hey Ken and "Webmistress", I didn't know the site would prompt me for an email. I really have nothing to say other than I've been listening since you went from 7-11 (off and on, but more so lately) and I would like to join your mailing list. I'm a semi-long time listener and maybe ill be a first time caller someday. Love the show... talk to you later Thanks!

4-29-03 Please add me to your mailing list. I really enjoy the show and keep up the good work. regards,

4929-03 Listen to the show almost everynight. Very good show and even though I dont always agree with your thoughts on all of the issues, I think you have a very good perspective and you always seem to put up a good fight for what you believe in. LOL Godd job guys!!!

4-29-03 I love the show! Please add me to the list. Thanks!

4-29-03 Really love the show have listened since you were just doing saturday nights about a year ago, love the show and energy between you david and shemp, hope to hear you for a while and look foward to seeing yall at the Lodge

4-29-03 I would like to invite you guys out to a great place Sunday May 4, 2003 The Grapevine Bar. They are having a crawfish boil. Free Mudbugs, Free BBQ, $1.00 drinks, yes any drink they carry $1.00. Come on out it all starts at 1 pm The Grapevine Bar 3902 Maple Dallas Tx.



4-29-03 Really enjoy the show, don't like the on air questionaire. Have your call screener do it, compile some results to talk about on air. You guys rock!

4-29-03 hey ken just thought i would drop you a line and let you know i was not a very big fan at first but i do truly love the show and i love the fact that you do not let anybody get away with any shit keep up the good work your show makes my night at work sorry i have never called in but it is called work for a reason you know i am gonna try to get out to the lodge before yall stop goin out there hope to be able to shake your hand and tell you face to face  good job you have converted me to a loyal listener

4-30-03 Love Your Show! You think much like I do... scary. Looking forward to the PARTY!!
4-28-03 I listened last week bruce the POOLMAN told me about the show... go for it ..Eric Aquatic Surfaces, Inc.
4-28-03 I was just wondering if you guys have set aside specific days/times to talk about the Adult Swim selections on the Cartoon Network.I'm not that much of a geek, but I do like my "Japanamation" Thanks.
4-28-03 smooches xoxo
4-27-03 Although I consider myself a conservative I still respect and admire your show.  Good luck in the future what ever it may bring you.
4-26-03 I just want to say that I truly enjoy your show; you guys to a great job. I've been a ritual listener since the spring of 2001, roughly. I found you while I was scanning during the recast of "Prairie Home Companion" on NPR. I must be one of the few "straight" people, though. That or we just don't call in. You know us, the drug-free, alcohol-free, non-criminal ones out there. Anyway, keep up the good work. I love your repartee even though I usually don't agree with you when you are in your macho moods (I just laugh and roll my eyes). cee
4-26-03 My wife and i really like your show and agree with so much of the topics that you have showed your point of view on and we really get a great laugh at some of the things that you guys do. We would like to take the time and tell you that we appreciate you guys to help us to stay awake when we have to go and get my son. because that is usually a 10 or more hour trip and so we thank you for just being you.
4-25-03 Keep up the good work guys, and thank you for keeping the community informed. Also let me know about the CHL classes you guys plan to have. thanks
4-25-03 I have been listening for a little over a month and your show is the best.
4-25-03 Love the show, Ken!
4-25-03 I just wanted to say i enjoy the show.  A friend told me about it, and i have enjoyed the show.  I even got to see the show last sat, and am looking forward to being there this weekend.  Keep up the good work.
4-25-03 I like the show keep up the good work.
4-24-03 Appreciate your intelligent commentaries; your show even appeals to this liberal gay man.
4-24-03 the first actual talk show that i can listen to the enire time and not have the over velming erge to run into traffic. even if my view differs from the show i can call in give my opinion and reason behind it and unless i am totally stupid on the facts my opinion is wieghed with a since of possibility. thanks for being a talk show that doesn't down play it's listeners or act like a stripclub dj.
4-24-03 Great show, I listen every night while delivering for pizza hut, the station's never been changed since I moved down here last year.
4-23-03 Great show thats why i'm here.
4-23-03 you guys are great. that is all
4-23-03 hey ken and shemp im a 16 year old and a sophmore in high school. I decided to e-mail yous guys because you said it would aid in helping keep the show around. One of my friends told me of talk radio
and i eventually heard law and disorder. At first i didnt think i digged it but soon enough it caught on. Im not your every day kid either i guess you could say so i can definately relate to your stories of te past. In the last month i've actually became alot more aware of my rights as a minor thanx to the show.
4-23-03 Great Show!!  Keep it up
4-23-03 Hey guys! Your show is great, probably my favorite on 105.3! Thanks!
4-23-03 Awesome show dude. Keep it up.
4-23-03 Love your show Ken,  I've been listening for2-3 yrs! LOVER IT.

Hey how ya'll doin -
My name is jonathan, i have been listening to your show for a couple of weeks.  So far from what i here i love it.  The first show i heard was when you discussed marijuana proabition.  I was happy to hear someone on the radio with the same perspetive.  If you want to announce on the radio that there will be a protest of the legalization of marijuana in dallas at the grassy noel.  may 3rd starting at 4:20.....of course.  If you can say this on the radio  that would be great.  If not  it is ok try to spread the word to your buddies off the air. thanks for takin the time to read this
4-22-03 I enjoy listening when i can,mostly in the garage,I wish i stayed up later to get more info on all the topics. I would like to know what precautions I should take to transport my deceased fathers .22 rifle /shotguns/antique rifle from Iowa to Texas. I do not have my CHL yet but am eligble.
4-22-03  I really enjoy the show.  You guys are doing great
4-21-03  i like the show who would have ever thought that talk radio could be so much fun to listen to well i would like to thank you puggs, kelly, russ,and everone else at 105.3 for making me days a hell of
alot better thank you all
4-21-03 I heard discussion tonight about the possibility your show my go off the air. That would really suck. I really enjoy listening to you and others on your show. It's a great break from the typical goofy-guy-being-dumb-trashing-women type genre that 105.3 tends to saturate its afternoon, evening, and night airwaves with (that is, before you came along). I know others who listen to your show as well. They, like I, are very busy people who don't e-mail often and it sucks if that's what the 105.3 bigshots go by in deciding who to can and who not to. I imagine a large lump of your listeners fit into this category and hopefully the 105.3 big'uns are smart enough to realize that. Your shows smarter, and with more important issues discussed. That attracts a different type crowd; a crowd 105.3 needs to keep in mind as well. I listen to you more than any of the others because I can only handle their type of humor in small portions. After that, they just get old. You keep me listening.
4-20-03 Keep it up! As a relatively new Dallas resident, would love a couple comments about how best to persue Concealed Carry in Texas. (Especially for someone who hasn't shot in nearly a year.)
4-20-03 Breath of Fresh Air Love to Listen-and I used to be a tv junkie!
4-20-03 Ken, I've been listening for weeks while I go about my evening chores. I enjoy your show. In my personal philosophies, I am a mix of what is considered conservative and liberal. It is so refreshing to hear someone (especially on Texas radio) voicing the lesser heard opinion. And you introduced me to Eminem! Thanks, Carol
4-18-03 I always enjoy your show, but you are a nut!!
4-18-03 Ken, I love your show. I am a big believer that everyone has the right to their own opinion. I love to sit and debate all sorts of contoversial topics with my friends, and I can tell you, we hardly ever agree. That's how I feel when I listen to your show. Everyone sounding off, with you as the leader. I think you are great at getting your point across without being all high and mighty. You are great with your audience, and especially your callers. Keep up the GREAT work,
4-17-03 Great show! I drive a truck in the Ft Worth area, enjoy listening to your show as drive. Keep up the great show
4-17-03 Love all your voices!!
4-17-03 Great Job!! I'll see you at the Lodge soon!!
4-17-03 Don't change a thing, your show kicks ass.... Keep the Chicago spirit alive! Yeah, Chicago native here( portage park/jefferson park ), but all yankees that ive told about your show, love it to death. As you know, it's very different down here, but your show and crew helps remind us of "back home"!!!! And for the few ignorant texans that give you guys shit, fuck 'em....They will never understand cause they have never lived there....Keep up the great work guys!!!!!!
4-17-03 Ken, I've been listening for weeks while I go about my evening chores. I enjoy your show. In my personal philosophies, I am a mix of what is considered conservative and liberal. It is so refreshing to hear someone (especially on Texas radio) voicing the lesser heard opinion. And you introduced me to Eminem! Thanks,
4-17-03 Breath of Fresh Air Love to Listen-and I used to be a tv junkie!
4-17-03 Ken, Great show. Keep it up! As a relatively new Dallas resident, would love a couple comments about how best to persue Concealed Carry in Texas. (Especially for someone who hasn't shot in nearly a year.) Thanks, Steve
4-17-03 Really like the show. It is a good mixture of law, guns, politics, and just societal stuff, and is a fun show. I listen almost every night. Keep up the great work !!
4-17-03 Great show
4-17-03  I have listened to your show since it started and even though I don't get to listen every night I have never been dissapointed anytime I have tuned in. I think you and your staff do a great job and I am glad to know there is someone like you who can be as serious or silly as they want to be at any given time is cool.I really have enjoyed the topics and content you have covered on your show when I have heard it.I have learned alot about topics I probably would have never learned otherwise and for that I am very greatful(THANK YOU). I must tell you I was really upset to learn that some spineless-prick has been harassing you and your family and friends as you said on your program thurs. night ,and that this has you thinking about quitting the the show .Please don't ! You are the only person om that station who has the balls to cover topics others would'nt and voice your opinions and views that others won't.
   I am just a average person and I appreciate all you and your staff have emparted to me through your show . I know this probably means nothing to you ,but I wanted you to know that if there is anything I can do to help you let me know. I'm really sorry that some ignorant asshole does'nt have anything better to do than try to bring you down and try and ruin a good thing. Please don't quit unless its your only option. I have never met you in person but I hope to some day until then (keep the faith).
4-16-03 Great show, just wish you were on the net. I live in East TX. and only get L&D if I go outside and hold my left leg toward the west and my right hand toward the sky.
4-16-03  drive alot, and when in Tejas i try to tune in your show, also KERA- gofigure...i find myself intrigued by your intellect but moreso your ability to listen, rather than overpower your less eloquent dissenting listeners
(battle of wits with an unarmed man). I'm trying to understand the stripper thing-but i suspect that perhaps after perusing Playboy you took the time to read the articles....stay cool
4-16-03  I think the show is the best thing on the air.  That includes ANY other shows on 105.3.  I appreciate that you have an opinion and are willing to stick to it and that includes the few times I don't agree.  I called in once trying to get a firearm that was stolen from me and you were very helpful, THANKS!!!

The segment from tonight's show that I caught had somewhat to do with kids, firearms and education.  My two boys 10-12 have both fired every firearm I own.  I believe that proper training and teaching safe handling are very important and have taught this to my sons as it was taught to me. I also think that in firing them under my supervision has taught them a respect for them that they could not have gained any other way.

There was also another question that came up about smoking pot and whether the caller chose not to do it because it was illegal or because he didn't care for it.  Personally I choose not to do it anymore because it is
illegal and I have a wife and 3 kids and would rather spend time with them than in jail.  The family name I was born with is Stoner and it was great being a teenager and young adult with a name like that.  Like I've always
told my friends, it's more than just my name it's a description.  I wish it was legal and if it was I don't think I'd drink another drop of alcohol, but that's just me.  LOL
Take care guys, sorry to go so long.
Keep up the good work
4-16-03 I am a 19 yr old struggling college student and I am extremely happy to hear someone actually speak up about all the bs that kids have to hear about all the time I listen to your show every night after work, great show
4-15-03 This is EASILY the best show on KYNG (or whatever the station is called today), and this is coming from a HUGE Stern fan. I've called a few times, but being a cell-only caller, I hang up when y'all go on break. Sorry. I really enjoy the thought-provoking content. I even turn on the show while I'm at home, which I never do with anyone. Best of luck, and good work. Even Shemp. peace
4-15-03  just started listening this week. i love laying on my couch getting stoned and listening to the show. it's great! i'm new in town, and want to go to the lodge on saturdays. keep up the good work and i'll keep listening.
4-15-03 Ken and Crew, You guys put on one hell of a show. I've been waiting for a show like this for years. I'm so sick of listening to conservitive Nazi radio host like the O' Riley Factor and that fat ass Rush Limbaugh. These days America tends to believe everything the media tells them too, without ever questioning the morality of it all. I've added a couple of links that you might find interesting. This is smart radio. I love you guys.
Keep up the great work,
4-15-03 I really enjoy your show when I get a chance to hear it.

4-14-03  I've only been listening for a few weeks, but I have heard you on P & K , anyway , I realy enjoy your show....
4-12-03  I have recently found 105.3 and have to say that I have become huge fans of Ken, Pugs and Kelly, as well as Russ Martin. I have to say that my schedule allows me to listen mostly to Ken Goldberg's show.
How can you improve on a show ,it just can't be done. I have heard you talk to the intelligent, the insane, and the inept! I have been pissed, motivated and humored at the comments given. The show ROCKS! Don't change a thing. Thanks for being on the air
4-12-03 You mentioned Have Gun-Will Travel on the show last nite...great show.
I have some good memories of my dad and I watching it and other "westerns". The great Richard Boone was in his prime, after the doctor show and before he got old and fat...but he was a great heavy until the end. He was of course the villain in John Wayne's last movie, "The Shootist". One of the few men who could stand shoulder to shoulder with the Duke and not be overshadowed. Remember him in "Hombre" with Paul Newman? He was a great actor. His name in the TV show, Paladin, means, of course, "knight". When his business card came out, you knew that some baddie was going to suffer a perforation and lead poisoning.
4-12-03  i love the show!!!
4-11-03 The first talk show I feel I can be a part of w/o feeling like its a popularity contest.
4-11-03 As a former cop (and still working as such without the badge) I really appreciate each perspective that your show addresses to each situation.
4-11-03 I am a truck driver. i work for a company out of dallas but since i am long-haul, i don't get to listen as much as i would like to. i couldn't get to catch the show at all until it went to week nights. keep up the good work.
4-10-03 I have been listening to you're show for a while now and I'm very happy to see that we have someone in your stature on our side keeping us up to date on what kind of hosing we're about to take from our intrusted "big brother" If I may add; Could you direct me in the right direction so I can do my part in keeping our liberties intact? It would be a great loss if this were to come to pass. Hell I like having my ak as well as the next guy and I'll be DAMNED if big brother will take that away from me, By the way doesn't the government have a reason why our troops are over in Iraq? being killed? They just don't make any sense. Lets send some troops to die for freedom in another land and while they're there lets take some freedom away from our own people here. If you ask me I think they all need to seek professional help I'm not talking about shrink either, they need to seek the professional help of a proctologist cause they have the worst case of cranial rectitous I have ever seen in my life. whats more is that American citizens are allowing them to take it away by that patriot bill what the hell is that? I don't need anyone to fight my battles if they come to my backyard then I got something for they're ass!!!!! KNOW WHAT I MEAN VERN? I live out in the country and shoot my gun at least once or twice a day. what's that famous saying? can't recall who said it or not but "YOU CAN HAVE MY GUN WHEN YOU PULL IT FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS" Thats America Jack!
4-10-03  I enjoy the format of your show.  I spend alot of time on the road working as a field technician and listen to your station during my driving time.  thank you!
4-10-03 love your show. good balance.

Hey, I just have to say I love the show.  I first heard about the show along time ago when Rick Day was first on(at least to my knowledge).  Ricks a friend of mine and I've been trying to get him on your show again. Fortunately he's coming to town next month(as you know) and we'll get a clearer interview because he'll be on a mic instead of being over the phone. The reason I bring this up is to encourage you to cover the "war on drugs" issue even further.  I know most of your veiws but i think the more you talk about it and have people on the show like Rick and Mark S. (of NORML) the more people will be inclinded to take the first step and do something!  I love the show and I would also like to hear abit more about guns in general, whether it be how the Glock 19 is a poor gun to carry or how the Mouser(sp?) is a great gun to collect.  I enjoy when David lets us know "whats up" in that sort of area.  Alright, I'll quit talking and keep on listening as long as you keep up the excellent work!
4-10-03 Im another one of your pizza delivery listners.  I really enjoy your different insights into the war as well as your views on marijuana.  If i could make a suggestion, you should have the girl on from the UTA chapter of kids for decriminalzation if marijuana again.  I didnt get to hear much from here the first time.  One more thing i would love to go see ur show live at the lodge but i am 4 months away from being 21.
4-10-03  Enjoy the show and keep up the good work.
4-10-03 I have really enjoyed the show. I was not really a fan until you moved to weeknights.Good luck.
4-9-03  Love the show, the humor, gun education, Ken's stories and straight talk. It is a nice balance between Ken and Shemp. Nice diversity of topics. Like the family hour idea.
4-9-03 Great show!!!  Need more Stevie Ray Vaughn, you know he's a home town boy. Hope to hook-up with you guys at the Lodge soon.
4-9-03 The show is great finally someone w/ the Testicular fortitude to give it to the audience right between the eyes. Keep up the great work.
4-9-03 I'm really not that much into guns, but you guys cover so much in the time you have.  I enjoy most of the topics, but, probably like you, some of the people that e-mail you or call you have opinions
that bother me.  I like the way you guys handle most of them, but, Ken, don't let them get you so riled up.  Great show.  I listen every night. Keep it up.
4-8-03 keep up the good work! i love listening to your show!
4-8-03 I've only been listening to the show for a few weeks now.  Just wanted to say I'm so glad that there is finally some intelligent discussion on evening radio. Thanks for doing your part in  keeping the public informed with facts, and allowing everyone to fairly voice their opinions, even those you disagree with. Keep up the good work. Love the show.
4-7-03 I love your show. It is finally a show that talks about life, violence, guns, and information that people need and like to know. I have been listening for about a year and a half and was happier than a pig in shit when you took over that time slot! I am also glad that you include Shimp and actually let him talk. Well carry on the good work. I hope to make it to the Lodge one of these days to see ya'll, well actually the women.
4-6-03I listen to your show every evening at work with my coworkers and enjoy it greatly. Before this war started we had some lively discussions. I have always contended that there are certain secrite information that we can't be told how it was gathered for security reasons. I supported the war effort to the extent that once we invade that weapons of mass distruction must be found and the weapons needed to be chemical weapons. Not just a hand full but a great quanity. All I heard prior to the war form Bush was weapons of mass distruction. Now all I hear is we are going to free the Iraqy people. It has never been U.S. forgin to free people form an oppresive leader. Now that nearly 100 young men and weman have died in combat it angers me to no end that there seems to be to evidence of chemical weapons. I retired form the U.S. Army last year after 20 years as a military police officer. I never deployed to any of the many conflicts however I did transfere out of a unit 3 months prior the unit being deployed to the Gulf during the first gulf war. Two of the soldiers (both female) I worked and lived with died in accidents in Saudi Arbia. That has been over 12 years and it still ripes me apart inside when I think of them. The closeness fellow soldiers feel can not be discribed only experanced. Every life loss in Iraq causes pain for familys, friends and fellow soldiers. If chemical weapons are not found there needs to be another regime change and that change needs to be in Washington D.C. Thanks Ken keep up the good work.
4-5-03 I am a pro-legalization, anti-abortion, pro-taxcut, pro-gun, pro-war, ultra-rightwing conservative libertarian that votes Republican, and I really enjoy your show. Keep it going.
4-4-03 i've been a long time lestner to the show and have taken several of kens courses and have bought several firearms from dfwguns when it was owned by ken you have a great show and i hope that we will soon be able to get it in the paris area
4-4-03 Have only been listening a short time, but I know I have found my drive home station. I enjoy everything about the show and all the guys. Please keep up the good work.
4-3-03 I am an avid listener to 105.3 and that is the only station i listen to because of the varied shows you have on. As a night worker i get to listen from 9pm-6am mostly and enjoy it all so very much.
4-3-03  I saw Ken once on Da Ali G show. (HBO). I didn't know it was him until I visited the site. Cool guy.
4-2-03  I really enjoy your show.  I hope to see you at the Lodge sometime.
4-2-03 Shemp dude needs to get laid.  Badly.  Not that he needs to get a bad lay, he just needs to get laid.
4-2-03 I've been a long time listener and love the show. Keep up the good work.
4-2-03 You guys are doing one hell of a job.
4-2-03 Thank you for speaking out about our legal system, notice I don't use the word "justice" system as I believe there is no "justice" in our system.  It may be the best but it should absolutely be improved.  And why is our government more and more the "moral police?"
4-2-03 Great show, it is nice to hear protalk in the media.
4-2-03 Ken I like to tell you that you guys have the best radio show ever , you guys have a great future ahead !
4-1-03 Glad to hear ya on 6 nights a week. Great show
4-1-03 Your show is funny at times and very informational. i listen every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. You have interesting topics and very liberal responces i like that and i will be listening on wednesday.
4-1-03  read this out loud                               mr ducks \ mr not \ osar c m waings\ lib mr ducks
4-1-03 great topics, great show. every day
4-1-03 Ken & company,  love the show.  A fresh new taste and twist to talk radio.  I've been listening to you regularly since you took over the 7-11 time slot, love the show and keep up the great work. 
3-31-03 "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro..."
3-31-03 hi every body like ur show very much.listen to it every time last week at night when i was coming back from my work u had an email from i think US soldier about  KSA saying that in quarn it says that white man is the devil and u r not welcome in which airport. wa na listen more about it with detail.
3-31-03  I'd like to be informed about future shows.  Keep doing what you're doing!
3-30-03 Love the show, don't get to call in but love the show non the less.........keep up the good shows
3-30-03 Ken you guys are doing a great job.  I appreciate the fact that you give everyone a chance to voice their opinion, and don't blast them for doing so. You have a very unique show that I hope is around for a long time.  Keep up the good work.
3-30-03 I've only made it out to one of your Sat. night shows, it was a blast.  I need to come out more often.  Keep up the good work.
3-29-03 Love your show , have been out of state for 6 weeks and unable to listen. Can't wait to get home !!!!
3-29-03 It is very entertaining and I am glad that you moved to weekdays.
3-28-03  Love the show. I would like to hear a segment dealing with stupid or antiquated laws and peoples opinions of those laws, especially those dealing with personal freedom. Seat belt laws foe example
3-28-03 Ken love the show, I try to listen everynight while patrolling SW Dallas
3-28-03  Ken I believe you have the brians of ten people . I am a truck driver and I beg for loads to come to dallas just to listen to your show. I am a vetern of two conflicts and one war (cold war).
3-27-03 Ken and the crew rocks!  I like Stern for the shock value, Pugs and Kelly because they're on midday and it's cool, but most of all, I like Law and Disorder because you guys don't bullshit around!
3-27-03 Yours is the only show on 105.3 that I like.  I've tried to appreciate the other shows but mostly they make me feel icky.  I've been listening for a few weeks, maybe two months, and find almost every
show I tune in for compelling.  The night Ken spoke with that Phelps minister clinched it for me.
3-26-03 great show..like listening very much..keep up good work...pops
3-26-03 thanks for having balls.  i heard you when you were on sundays and i wondered why you weren't being paid to spout your opinions.
3-26-03 Awesomw show buddy, I'm an int'l Student and agree with almost all of your stuff except your deal on french. i dont like em either but should we hate someone just coz they disagree with us? any way great show man, i'm hooked. Thanx
3-26-03  Having been listening to 105.3 since moving to Texas 2 1/2 years ago, I find that Ken's show is very interesting and as he states, very informative based not only on his information, but that of
3-25-03 Enjoy listenign ot your show at night when I am driving home from Paralegal School.  You have some very interestign topics and I tend to agree with most of yoru views.
3-25-03 Absolutely love the show!!!
3-25-03 Ken,  I listen to your show every chance i get. Your views are always right on the money. Keep up the fantastic work!!
3-24-03 Awesome show. I listen whenever I can, usually 1-2 hours 2-3 days a week
3-24-03 Great show!!! Keep up the good work!!!
3-23-03 hope this keeps you guys on the air   maybe you can get the lodge to give 2 for 1 lap dances for the listners who show up there....just a thought
3-23-03  love the show man i wait to hear the show every night i can
3-22-03 Great show!  Keep it up!
3-21-03 Wheres the line for the Goldburg Army?  We have bongs that need to be liberated.....
3-21-03 I used to think that the weekend shows weren't anything special, and that all the good shows only played on the weekdays, so I never even bothered to listen to 105.3 on the weekends.
3-21-03  i just got one thing. ok i have a million but this is on my mind. george 43 is not my favorite. i give his current performance a golf clap at best but i have to disagree on one point. he is not stupid or
lacking in i.q. points. other then college, daddy can buy you into school but he can't buy you
3-21-03 ken love the show. you actually sold me my first handgun at dfw gr. it's an hk compact 9mm and i love the hell out of it thanks for helping me onto a great gun.
3-21-03  Just heard you the other nite. I have some like views. Will be listening more
3-21-03  HOLY SHIT KEN LISTEN TO THIS. Did you know that in 2007 Congress will ONCE AGAIN convene to decide whether or not Black folk should retain the rights to vote........ NO BULL SHIT AT ALL!!!!!!
3-20-03  love the show dont change a thing
3-20-03 Hi Ken,  I have been listening to your show and enjoy it very much.  You don't look like what I expected
3-20-03 great show!  I am young and have chosen this over music. One suggestion would be to add more contests or give away more prizes on the air.  I know you can't give stuff away like the big stations, but a
lot of little stuff like tickets to different places goes a long way. It's easy to buy loyalty
3-20-03 Hey Ken you have a great show..good luck with everything..you rock.
3-19-03   I Love the show, it's just what weve been needing in the DFW AREA.  Please keep me posted about future shows
3-18-03 More topics and info on guns please.
3-18-03 Great shows guy ,keep up the good work.
3-18-03 I'm in love with your voice. :D Right on man. Keep on 'truckin'. :D
3-18-03 hey yall im really thirteen but yall know that. You know what ive discovered that in the time ive been listening to the show noone has been able to prove you wrong ken. Yall have the best show on the
station and i jus wanna thank yall cuz ive learned so much listening to your show
3-18-03 So far I think the show is very interesting.  Keep up the good work.  I'll get back to you with suggestions as I think of them
3-18-03 Listen to the show on a regular basis, only because I'm a 105.3 fan.  Not quite my cup of tea, yet.  But, given time you never know,  I mean I didn't like Pugs and Kelly in the beginning, but because
she's hot I continued to listen and they grew on me.  So, who knows
3-17-03 You guys are awesome!  I listen to the station all day at work.  I leave work at 7:30, so I used to only hear about an hour max of the evening show including my drive home.  You are the only show I have ever listened to at home when I have other entertainment options. 
3-15-03 I just got home from the listener party at the lodge and wanted to say thanks for a great time.
3-15-03 Ken for President!!! I love the show guys...David has helped me with my gun issues, Shemp is just a really cool dude, that can take just about anything dished out to him, and Ken is just the Main
3-14-03 Love the show. We need to keep our troops out of Iraq. As a matter of fact they need to be as far away as possible when Bush nukes the hell out of Sadaam.
3-14-03 I'm a 50 y.o. male listener, who really enjoys your show.  I will be e-mailing Ken  very soon about my views on his Freedom talk from the 14th of March.  Thanks for  the show, it is GREAT! 
3-14-03  I don't get to listen as often as I would like but I enjoy it when I do.
3-13-03 Love your show, Do not always agree, but that is one of the great things about this country.
The right to agree to disagree.
3-13-03 I enjoy your show.  It is both entertaining and informative, even if I don't always agree with you.
3-12-03 I am new to the Dallas area. I moved here from NY in August. Thank God I am finally in a gun tolorent state! I absolutly love the show!!!
3-12-03 Hi Ken & Company - I enjoyed  listening to your thought provoking and intelligent talk show .What a refreshing change of pace! I'm a first time listener  - & a transplanted New Yorker -
3-12-03 I love your show man. Ive been a gun owner my whole life and I always will be.
3-11-03 Not much to say right now cept that I love the show and love the direction it's going. Keep up the great work!
3-11-03 I listen on a regular basis.  I love the show and think you should keep up the good work.  Keep sending the hot lead downrange!!!!
3-11-03 good show, keep it light, stay away from the hard liner approach, more comedy along with your format
3-11-03  I think you're a greater asset to the Live 105.3 than EDITED (no offense).  This is a show that not just chavenistic pigs can listen to and enjoy =)  My applause to 105.3 for putting something on the air with substanence.  I am a 20 year old female with a passion for politics,
3-11-03 Just a quick note to say thanks for having Harley Elmore as a guest on your show and promoting The Hunted and Sayoc Kali.  I thought the exchange was good and it afforded some good discussion as it relates to knives, self-defense and practicality of bladed applications.  We took several pictures and the one attached came out best.

3-11-03 Thanks for DAMN FINE WORK. I have been listening from the start I took a class from Ken for my commision card and he said give it a try and got hooked. You guys are the greatest.
3-11-03 Hey Ken great show keep up the great work really enjoyed listening to it at work and in the car
3-10-03  Ken, Great show.  I got tired of the same sports talk on that other talk radio station.  I'm glad to hear someone say exactly what they really feel even if I don't always agree

3-10-03 Love the show so far. Also think that you should have your wife on more often. I love Cartoon Network and have many questions I would love to ask her .
3-9-03 love your show ken remember to breathe  when talking about  government...
3-9-03 My husband and I had an awesome time at the Lodge and Stratos Bar last night. It was so great to meet all of you, Ken, Dave (Gun Proctologist LOL), Rachel, Nikki, and anyone else we forgot or were too
drunk to remember LOL. Hope to see you all again at the Lodge in 3 weeks (my Birthday that weekend!)
3-7-03  I recently relocated to the DFW area after a 7 year absents. In my 3 weeks here I have not missed at show. On the topic of legalizing drugs where do the large drug manufacturers right to make millions figure in? Keep up the incredible work ...Kudo's

3-7-03 I love the way you think.  I wish more americans thought like you instead of blindly trusting our government.  Keep up the good work and let me know if you would like someone to help out!!!  I know how to talk and debate =)
3-7-03 You have a great show. I have been listening for about 2 months now and you are great. You talk about things that people like to hear about, not just what some mindless reject tells you totalk about.
Keep up the good show.

3-6-03 I Love the show, and wish I could listen more. It's a fresh "real" show. I only WISH Ken would leave the "GOD- D**N" statement out. The show has not lost me, but it is surely a dial turner for

3-6-03 I love the show and try to listen every day. I also am surprised as to how good looking Ken is.

3-6-03 Great job! I enjoy the show; I am surprised at how thought provoking it is, and that I have opinions about things I didn't know I cared about. Please continue with the format and keep on talking!

3-6-03 Ken,   Love the show........... I get my work done on time just so I can be in the car by 7pm!

3-5-03 Great going!  It's a good thing you guys aren't on during the Soprano's.  I'd hate to have to miss them.

3-5-03 This show has bite. Ken is wise in his humility.

3-5-03 Love the show.  I agree with Ken most of the time, or at least appreciate his opinion.  I got my wife listening too.
3-5-03 Great Show ken, great topics, keep up the good work.
3-5-03 Your show makes my drive into work more interesting and I have also learned a few things. Keep up the good work. Youth shooting sports, such as 4-H, BSA, American Legion and the CMP program might
provide info to parents where to take their children for  instruction on firearm safety programs.
3-5-03  Love the Show! Would also like like to hear about asset forfeiture and how it has given drug task force members a 300 % increase in pay,not to mention all the stuff they lift from your house. Also the wisdom of task force going in to apartments w/ a 5.56mm rifle as an entry weapon.
3-4-03 Great show , I'm glad you got the 7-10 time slot.
3-4-03 great show i love it its fucking awsome
3-4-03 Great show ken.  Really enjoy the topics, although I feel that you dwell a little long on some of them.  I'd like to see more information and less redundantcy (is that a word?) Overall, I really enjoy
listeneing and hope you the best
3-3-03 I listen to Law and Disorder 3 nights a week as I drive thru the  metroplex. This is the greatest show ever in this time slot! It is educational and entertaining. Ken, sometimes kinda goes off subject but this is one of the quirks that make it different. I let all the truck drivers know of this show during the breaks over the CB, and alot of new listners are out there just driving thru. Ken, keep up the great work and look forward to meeting ya at one of your remotes!
c-ya Bob   (from the Yahoo group)
3-1-03  i have really enjoyed listening to the show on sat. nights. i was very happy to hear the show 6 nights a week.ken has helped me on a couple occasions with advise.thanks
3-1-03  ken, you have one of most interesting and unique shows i've ever heard. keep on tellin us the truth man and we'll keep on listenin.
3-1-03 Hey Ken, I love your show.  Every jacka$$ that calls and says you suck is an idiot.  By the way, if you ever need material for your show, check out www.compuserve.com.  The news section is always showing stuff about shootings and drugs.
2-28-03 Love the show. Guns, Drugs and Rock & Roll. Not necessarily in that order.
2-27-03 I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you at the Lodge.  We have enjoyed listening to you critique John Ashcroft and the War on Drugs. 
2-27-03  Finally someone with a mind like mine!  Well maybe not as demented BUT I LOVE YOU ANYWAY!  Ken YOU ROCK!
2-27-03  I have great respect and admiration for Ken!  He is one of the few people whom is not afraid to speak his mind, and make no apologies about it!
2-27-03 Great show tonight
2-27-03 the show rocksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2-27-03 Amen (and I'm not religious) 
2-27-03 Thank you for finally giving me something to listen to at night other than mindless chit-chat

2-26-03 really enjoy ur show .would like to here u on serius sat.and xm sat. radio.

2-25-03 Ken is great, show is really on point on many things/issues. Enjoy having a show that is not just there to tiitilate for a few minutes between commercials selling products.
2-25-03 I love it all. Ken is great!
2-25-03 Love the show...Rock on Ken!
2-25-03 I enjoy the show. I need to know about CHL class reservations at DFW Gun Range. I want to take my class March 8th. Is there any way
2-25-03 u suck.....mich wuz better....sorry but itz true
2-25-03 I stumbled across the show about 3 weeks ago, and I haven't missed it since. It s truly refreshing to find someone who has been there and done that
2-24-03 Love the show. Used to listen on Saturday nights and was thrilled when they put you on all week long. I think you are the best show on 105.3
2-24-03 Love the show, get back to the old Law and Disorder, when you talk more "LAW" and more "DISORDER". Less girl crap.
2-24-03 it's very refreshing to hear a show that deals with topics nobody else has the nuts to talk about. if speaking your own mind means you rock, then ken goldberg
2-24-03 Mr. Goldberg and the entrire crew -- KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. I appreciate ALL of the show and it's topics.
2-24-03 So far so good. Gets a bit dull a times though when a topic get dragged to death. Try to through some things into the show to make us laugh on occation.
2-24-03 Outstanding Show! Keep up the great work Ken and Shemp! Just go with the flow Ken!
2-22-03 Hey Ken! This is your very 1st Contest winner, Robb... Glad to see you on weeknights! May your ratings go higher & higher.
2-22-03 i love your show! keep it up!
2-22-03 In general the discussion and topics are interesting. Although i am a huge Russ Martin Fan and fun to lesson too, law and disorder gives a refreshing intellectual twist to the talk that rocks keep it up and i will be here
2-22-03 Love the show and the fresh viewpoints.
2-21-03 Great show.  Listen every night coming into work...
2-21-03  I am a Police Officer in the DFW area, and I don't always agree with your unique point of view, I do however appriciate it. I enjoy listening to 105.3 while I'm working and I hear the daytime
programs more than I do your show.
2-21-03 Great show!!!!!!
2-21-03  The show is really great and you do not look anything like I thought you would. I really like the shows when you take on the issues
2-21-03 keep up the good work!
2-21-03 Love the show. Makes the drive home just *fly* by!
2-21-03 love the show...gets better everyday!!!
2-20-03  I live in east texas by Athens work in Tyler and drive 110 mile a day, I enjoy listening to the show.
2-20-03 I really enjoy your show. It is nice to be intellectiually challenged by your topics. Although, I listen to the other shows on 105.3 as well
2-19-03 really like the show....congrats on the full time slot!!!!!!!!!
2-19-03 I love the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2-18-03 Great show.   Will be a loyal listner for as long as you guys will be on.
2-15-03 You have a wonderfull show and I hope you get sydicated soon
2-15-03  I really enjoy the show.  Please let me know of any upcoming events.  Thank You.
2-15-03 keep up the good work get a side kick some one to bounce stuff off other than poor shemp
2-15-03 Good show, but I liked it better when it wasn't so "comericalized"   I think Ken was better when he was buying his air time, vs getting paid for it.
2-15-03 Love your show! It's about time we get some intelligent conversation on 105.3.
2-15-03 I love the show..keep up the great job.
2-14-03 Love the show! Thank God y'all got rid of "The Mich" and put on someone interesting and entertaining. Keep up the good work.
2-14-03 Mr. Goldberg, the girl on American Idol last year was white and a former stripper and she made it to the top ten and could not sing half as good as Frenchie. Why was she allowed to stay????????
2-14-03 I listen to your show every night and thanks to you and the show you have given me many prospectives on the topic of the CHL.  I have taken the class myself and I am awaiting the liscense to arrive.  A special thanks goes out to you and your crew for all the pointers you have given me.  Thanks again
2-14-03 Excellent show guys, am very glad you got the time slot you are in now. I cannot stand the corporate radio stations in DFW and thusly have been a listener of 105.3 for a while now.
2-13-03 Although sometimes offensive, I find your show interesting and the legal issues that are discussed help give the public a better understanding of what they can and cannot do.
2-13-03 I just wanted to let you know that I first got turned on to your show while getting ready to go out on Saturday nights.  I am thrilled with the expanded time to listen and the growth the show has taken!  I am an avid listener and have adjusted my dinner time around your show.
2-13-03 I love the variety and light hearted yet serious nature of the show it makes for good listening.
2-12-03 This show is the greatest!  Ken Rules! Shemp is a great straight man!
2-12-03 You's guys are awesome, i deliver pizza's and i always listen to the show when i am in the car delivering. i love the topics and i hardly ever disagree.. Ken i know this isn't much coming from me, but
you got a good head on them shoulders of your, and i really do enjoy the show. i tell my friends
2-11-03 I love the show and ken your the greatest .
2-11-03 Doing a great job.........I listen whenever I'm in town.
2-10-03 Love the show and I listen every night. Glad that it is on 5 nights a week
2-10-03 steer clear of the rocks and head for the lighthouse, baby- we love ya!!
2-10-03 I recently took my CHL class with Ken as my teacher. He is great and I have started getting addicted to the radio show.
2-10-03 Ken, I am a long time listener; thanks for an wonderful show.  You have inspired me to learn how to use a firearm and get my concealed handgun license; keep-up the great work.  
2-9-03 Just wanted to say thanks for the great listening that you guys are providing. You all have a great concept of not just entertaining, but also informing also. Keep up the great job Ken!
2-9-03 It's a great show .Ken your a wise man,with a big mouth which is very rare,and great. Peace one love from AFRICA.
2-8-03 I was sorry that Mich was taken off the air, however I am beginning to enjoy most of your show. When you first came on I thought that you were a mike savage ripoff, I am glad to here ( by listening) that you are worst, I enjoy it.
2-8-03 Great show, Intelligence on radio at night---------------AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you are on the air.
2-7-03 Hey man just wanted to tell you that I love you show. I've been stuck here listening to your show about Michael Jackson. I wholeheartedly agree with what you said.
2-7-03 I love your show and its the best thing on the radio keep up the good work Ken
2-7-03 Love the show...Glad your on nightly...Glad Shemp actually can contribute
2-7-03 I just want to say you guys have a great show, ken you speak the truth, david you have some funny pictures on the website
2-6-03 Hey Ken....Great show...I'm a trucker and waiting for your Blue Plate Special....I'm a Yankee that moved here 2 yrs ago when I married a true Texan Lady....I had a CHL from Michigan but lost it when I sold my Bar...its sounds alot easier to get one here...anyway great show .
2-5-03 It's about time we got a kick ass show like Law and Disorder on a regular(nightly) slot.  I work deep night patrol at a local PD but make a point to listen as much as I can while I'm at home in the evenings.  It's nice to hear a host who is honest about himself and not afraid to say the things that need to be said about controversial topics.  I work with a LOT of great guys/gals but I'll be the first to admit there are people that shouldn't be in law enforcement and I appreciate some of the criticism I hear about us(as well as the positive remarks)...there are things that the public should be aware of and you're doing a good job of educating people.  Anyway, keep up the crusade and thanks for the great show. 
2-4-03  (copied from the forum) - I must say that its a real refreshment to hear someone with the passion that you have.. i grew up quick with a gun in my hand and learned how to use it at a very young age...thanks for educating the general public on gun safety and firearm usage, along with all the rest of the topics you bring to the airwaves...in this day and age where most people keep thier families away from guns and make it a mistery, its refreshing to see someone like yourself bring the guns out of the closet and into the mainstream spotlight...if you can reach one inexperianced person and make them realize that a firearm isnt something to hide and keep a mistery but something to embrace and safely use in the right environment and situation, you've won not only a small battle in the way guns are portrade but you've made a person a much more confident and resorceful in this wierd world we live in... sorry to ramble on.... THANKS AGAIN ... YOUR SHOW IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2-4-03 Ken, I've been a listener of yours for a while. I'm glad I get to listen to you more often than just a day a week now.
2-4-03 I am wild about your new time slot and the show's format. Ken you are exactly what the station needed to keep me listening." Thanks" to Shemp for haning in there personally and professionally. Keep it up folks and I'll be on this end every day waiting for the show.
2-4-03 Great show I think your a great guy Ken keep up the great work brother
2-4-03 I love this show!  We need more Ken Goldbergs in this country...and especially in Texas.
2-3-03 I'm glad to see (hear) you're on now at a time that I can hear you. The weekends were just not enough!! Also, to replace the guys that were there makes it even better.

The show is great. I have even used you as a legal reference  when discussing matters at work.
2-3-03 I am pleased to have a show in this time slot that has content.
2-2-03  I have liked this show for some time, well before your move to weekdays.
2-1-03 I just want to let you know that I have listened to your show since it started. I drive a truck ant looked forward to your Sunday evening shows. you provide valued information and entertain also! keep up the great work and I look forward to your show each day.

2-1-03 Happy about the new time slot.  Thank you for the wonderful information...
2-1-03 One thing I will say about your show Man.  OUCH!!!!.  My brain after listening.  You know how to make people think about your topics wether if they agree with you or not.  It is great that Shemp is
your producer.  He is great on the show.
2-1-03 From the yahoo group- Someone beat me to it, but who better than "da Man"  himself... I predict that this club will grow exponentially month by month, and along with it, Ken's listenership. In
fact, I predict that "Law and Disorder" will be syndicated inside of a year, if not nationally, at least regionally, and KYNG will be doing all they can to hang on to this 21st Century Icon of Personal Freedom.
2-1-03  From the yahoo group- Thanks for your very cool comment at the end of the Friday night show. Of course you realize that The Patriot Act is the Mother of all Crack House Laws, and the goal is to institute total dictatorial power over all citizens and regulate all activities and forms of expression. If you
think it's going to stop with the Crack House Laws, think again, Ken. You're being too optimistic....it's worse than even you think. Those billions of misdirected dollars you spoke about are going straight to the banker's pockets. The "disconnection" is total and imprisonment of all non-elite
2-1-03 ONE thing I just have to say is.... THANK YOU KEN!!!!! I have not seen yet any radio "personality" get
involved like you have..
2-1-03  I would like to hear Ken have another lawyer on that takes the opposite position about tort reform.  Like, for example, the guy tha wrote Red Meat Cures Cancer.
2-1-03 I've been a listener since the beginning of Law and Disorder and really enjoy the show, now that it is on nightly it can only get better.
1-31-03 Hi Ken. I enjoy your show very much.Started out listening when you were on Sundays. Listened when you were n Saturdays. Glad now that yu are on Mon.-Fri.I am an avid 105.3 listener. Listen all day from Howard till your show. I am a Sales Rep in and out of my car but when I am in car I am always listening. Best of luck to you en, keep up the good work.
1-31-03 KEN!!!  There has gotta be more people out there like you.  If there was, this world would be a much better place!
1-31-03 Hay I think your show is great.   Better to let 99 guilty men go free than one inocent  go to prison.
1-31-03 I think tonight's show on Melissa Milam and her SSDP chapter was fabulous.  On the topic of raves: I've been to many raves and there is far more reckless abandonment at alcohol-driven rock concerts but
because rock shows are thrown at city-owned public venues (Smirnoff for example) and so the city just ignores the drug and alcohol use taking place because they are getting their palms greased dollar-wise.  I've smoked a joint openly in front of security at outdoor rock concert before. What does that tell you?
1-31-03 Your show is excellent! It has become a part of my daily routine now. I am also an attorney and it's very nice to hear how another attorney thinks about the subjects covered on the show!
1-31-03   You couldn't ask for better "radio"!! I've listened to "Law and Disorder" off and on since it first hit the air at 105.3 FM. And now that it's on 6 nights a week, I'm enjoying the fact that I can listen
more often. I like the format of the show and it's time-slot (coincides with my drive home from work). It HAS struck me odd that Ken can be a die-hard gun enthusiast and advocate and yet, at the
same time, remain a dedicated Democrat, but HEY,... we all have our own twists, right? That's what makes America so Beautiful!!
This guy Jessie, whether he truely is a mental case or just has personal issues with Ken Goldberg, has only increased the interest in the man's show (Law and Disorder, Mon-Sat 7pm-11pm, 105.3 FM... The
Talk That ROX Texas) by unleashing the beast deep within Ken Goldberg.  Judging from what I heard on air tonight and what I have read posted (by Ken) on this website, I'd say "Jessie" better watch
his ass.
Jessie, if you don't like him, that's your right as a man and an American, but if you're spreading lies in any form of media ( ex: The internet ) that's SLANDER!! And if the subject being slandered upon is an attorney... I must, as an American, express my opinion that you, sir, are a DUMBASS.
In conclusion, I would like to say, Ken...If you are reading this, I'm listening, Brother.
-Eric in Dallas

I was thrilled to hear that Law & Disorder would be on 5 evenings a week because  I was rarely able to catch it on the weekends. Also, I've been listening to 105.3 for over a year now; start every day
with Howard, love P n K and even get a kick out of Russ, but after that, none of the evening shows seemed to have anything interesting or stimulating, but Ken ROCKS! Thanks to whoever had the insight to put on a good show in the evenings! -cyndy
1-30-03 Keeping it real...Just like you said you want it like a conversation in  a car.. You are driving but the two in the back help lead the conversation... That is as real as you can make it in radio, you have been doing this from the start so please keep on the "tradition"...  
Thanks to you, Shemp and your whole staff on wanting to making it "real"...
1-30-03 I love the show and I think you are doign a great job even though I miss the Mich show. I would really appreciate it if you could talk a little more about your opinion and what is going on about the
issue of Marijuana and all thet. I heard you talking about it one day but I didnt get to hear the whole thing. well Thanks and congrats on your new time slot.
1-30-03  I am a big fan of Law and Disorder, and of Mr. Goldberg. I am a fan of most shows on 105.3 The aTalk That Rocks, and law and disorder is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  I can apreciate a good
sense of humor and a great deal of knowledge any day.
1-30-03 Great show. Hard to find fellow students here at TCU that can appreciate such "witty banter" that you provide.
1-29-03  Ok, You have invited me to get on the email list lots of times. But when you talked to Amazing Bruce, you tipped the scale and so I have "signed up". Please inform me of future shows. You guys are good and GETTING BETTER! Perhaps you could avoid the radio tease if you attention span is short and you do not get to the payoff. You decide, you're the host. In truth, when you say "Don't touch that dial." it is my queue to switch to the "striper music" station to see if a good song is on. If not I come back, otherwise I dwell there for a time. Break a headphone.
1-29-03 Great to hear you on the air 6-days a week.  Looking forward to your first listeners party.
1-29-03 Ken, I've been listening with great intrest, congrats! and keep up the thought provolking topics and comments. Thanks
1-29-03 Not so sure I'm sold on your show yet...... I like it and I like mich..... I just hate budget cuts
1-28-03 well i'll say im glad to hear you are on every day now. Great show Ken!!..

I just started listening to the show this week since you
have switched to your new time slot.  So far I've really enjoyed the show
and topics discussed.  I am a gun enthusiast and activist myself, and will
turn my friends and family on to the show as well.  Keep up the good work.
1-28-03 Am a avid listener of your show during the week,and on weekends. Ken keep up the good work. This area is lacking a good talk host, and seems they found one in u. - BJ
1-27-03 This show Rocks i love a guy that is not scared to talk shit and keeping it real
1-27-03 Ken rules!!!  Keep doing what you're doing and you will go far.  XOXO
1-26-03 We're all just hoping you don't get burnt out making the jump from Saturdays to every day shows.  Keep up the good work, especially stuff like putting ignored causes on the air (like the NORML/Stepnoski show a while back).
1-26-03 KEN I think you did a great job all of us love your show and I think tonight was the best and I now know theft is the answer. A little of CE's for me. But no disrespect to mich you have a good show that touches my field which I like and I'm getting into guns and this is a new area for me and thanks for the info you put on the air.
1-25-03 In response to Joe's comment - Sometimes I wish that Yeltsin was still in power in Russia so that he and Bush could have a drinking contest to decide the fate of the world
Seriously, Michael Moore's book tells you everything you don't want to know about how the Corporations and Government in this country are being run today. Read it before Bush gets the chance to start World War III

1-25-03 I enjoy  your show more than I thought I would.  It is nice to hear a show in the evenings that isn't completely about boobs and more boobs. Thanks for having a show I can listen to at night.  I don't mind listening to t & a....just not every night.
1-25-03 I know that a lot of you people out there are strong supporters of "president" Bush.  You have been pepped up by all this pro-war propaganda that Bush has been chanting ever since 9/11.  Something horrible happned to thousands of people and your answer is lets kill somemore people.  If every country in the world invaded every other country they thought could be a possible threat the entire world would be at war.  Wait a minute the etire world has been at war since the beginning of human history. Does anyone see something wrong with that.  When can we grow as together as a race of peacful and tolerant beings.  But unfortunatly when people feel threatened and are constantly beeing scared into violence by the media they respond to that fear they feel with strong violence.  THis is not always the answer.Bush just keeps chanting bad, bad, evil, evil, with every other word comming out of his mouth having something to do with war...not a solution...WAR, (commonly none as mass destru
 ction, death, bleeding babies with shrapnel in there eyes from bombs that have gone astray.)  Has anyone seen  MINORITY REPORT.  In the movie they arrest people BEFORE they even commit a crime.....precrime it's called.  THis sounds like Bush would be a big favour of precrime.  You know like invading other countries before they get a chance to even threaten us.  Maybee next we can invade North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Lybia, and Saudi Arabia since they MIGHT be a threat in the future!!!  Better yet, lets blow up the entire world before any of them would want to hurt us....that would solve the imigration problem!!!! Yeah..thats the answer..kill them all!!! IF bush wanted to solve this problem he would become friends with Saddam.  IF you dont want people to blow you up, then get along with them.  This war is about finishing what his daddy did, it is about OIL and MONEY and that is about it.  WHen BUSH invade IRAQ and pisses the entire world off, and something more devastating than 9
 /11 happens to us, then I will cry for us all.  By invading Iraq we will be hurting the security of our country.  Did anyone forget about the war on terrorism.  How are we supposed to protect ourselves from terrorist if we are so consumed with this iraq "crisis" that bush keeps shoving down our full throats.  The HUMAN RACE IS FUCKING PATHETIC AND THE DAY WE LEARN OF OUR GRAVE MISTAKES WILL BE THE DAY WE ALL KILL EACH OTHER AND HUMANS WILL BE NO LINGER......i just hope the next life form that nature creates for this beautiful and tolerate mother earth is a little bit smarter and a little bit more peacful and understanding than humans.  If anyone want's some evidence on how bush elected himself to the white house with help from his brother Jeb, and cousin John Ellis who was in charge of the election coverage for fox, Go buy STUPID WHITE MEN by Michail Moore.  It is a great book that everyone should read.  I'm not saying Saddam is good.  HE IS EVIL.  BUT SO IS BUSH.  Fuck both
  of them.  they can have a duel in the desert if they have something to work out.

crying for the human race everyday,
1-24-03 Great show guys!!  With working nights, I usually do not
listen to much radio an the weekends and am glad to finally get the
opportunity to listen during the week.  While I do enjoy some of the shows
on 105.3 The Talk That Rocks, I feel that your show has REAL information
that can be used in everyday life.  Keep up the good work and I'll be
listening for you on the radio......
1-24-03 Great show, finally an answer to Mark Davis, Charlie
Jones and all the other morons on the radio.  Keep it up!  Ole Marty will
be out in a couple of months
1-24-03  First I would like to say, great show! I
have never listened to "Law and disorder" until you came to Monday through
Friday.  I work as a third shift supervisor at a local steel company and I
catch all but the Pugs and Kelly show on 1053fm talk. Im sorry to see
Mich's mindless bantering go to the way side, it always gave me a good
laugh on my way into work. Your show on the other hand actually makes me
think. Because as you may know, being a supervisor is like having fifteen
eight year old kids, your show helps me get in the proper mind set needed
to "babysit" them properly.  CYA
1-23-03 I really enjoy your show and hope that your new spot
during the week will be permanent.  It's nice to have some thought
provoking content on this station.  I was hoping that Dan Lewis would
provide that, but he ended up being a Russ Martin clone, though I did
enjoy his show too.  You are on 6 days a week now!
1-22-03 Just heard the show for the first time tonight and loved
it.  Finally something to expand my mind and further my knowledge with
1-12-03 Good job last nite Ken and Crew! You guys are "Clickin"!
1-8-03 a woman buys a door hinge at a hardware store, at the checkout the cashier asks "Do you want a screw for that hinge?". She says "No, but I'll blow you for that toaster in the window."
1-6-03 I just would like to tell you that you have a wonderful
 job and you do it wonderfully. it is a testament to the unrelinqushing
 spirit of staying alive and enjoying your life.
12-29-02 Your show rocks!!! My only reason to turn on the radio on Saturdays.
12-22-02 You are a redeemer of lawers. Kind-of like a messiah. Coming to fulfill the law rather than to destroy it.
10-26-02 I enjoy the show & the law is so subjective it is pathetic. Too bad there aren't more folks like you in law business.
9-1-02 Saturday you had a guest on who had some self help books for people who have been in prison,my son will soon be realeased and would like to get them for him.could you please give me his web site.thank you
8-21-02 Ken, thanks for being that voice in the wilderness. Really good appearance on P&K today
8.21.02. Keep on keepin' on, man.
8-18-02 I enjoy the show 'we think alot alike
8-6-02...I've been with your show ultimately from the beginning and would support you in any action you take. Although I feel you'll loose some, cause of running around at night and stuff..
But fingers crossed we need someone like you to keep the information out their, cause
Knowledge is Power
Non-Felon, pot smoking, ccl having, Ken supporter...
8-6-02----I think you have a better shot on Saturdays 8 to 10 PM. Folks going to and from
will most definitely tune in, and homebodies will find your show a lot more fascinating than
most of the drivel on Saturday night TV. I think you'll have a livelier crowd, too......all revved up and someplace to go!
You're most definitely on my "A" list this Saturday!
Best of luck to you, Ken....you're a winner!
7-22-02 I love your show, but you have too damn much music. I like talk radio, not music radio. If I wanted music, I'd listen to an oldies station. If you must have music, at least you can play the Roy Rogers song, and Rifleman, and etc. Please do not play anymore of that Africian music that you're got.

5-13-02   Hi Ken, I'm a loyal listener and fan, even though I am not in a position to afford the valuable services you offer at the DFW Gun Range (someday soon I hope).Your thought provoking, no holds barred approach to the "forbidden subjects" is both exciting and unique, especially here in the "Republic" of Texas.  Please continue to fight the good fight and stay on the air, as I do not know what I would do with my idle mind on Sunday evenings, as my wife doesn't get it in her head to try on the Saran Wrap Lingerie till much later in the evening........ Jeffery - Dallas

5-12-02   Firstly, I find it ironic to be listening to your show today, (May 12) while my TV is tuned to 60 Minutes, a show I usually respect. However, their first topic is something about how medical doctors should be able to alert authorities about gun-ownership in what they determine to be "suicide-risks". As you can guess, they are cutting a wide swath through reason using an emotional issue. Ugg.  Anyway, love the show, and I would like to propose as a topic, a "people's primer" on Texas and Federal gun laws. What I mean is a plain-talk explanation of some of the convoluted "legaleze". I realize that to an extent, that is what you do anyway, and it is a huge and everchanging subject. Maybe it could become a serial segment of the show; you know, a weekly half hour devoted to explaining just what we can and can't do. I mention this because after trying to read through the official material, it is often obfuscated, contradictory, or outright unreadable.  By the way, Wal-Mart does suck!                                                             ~Mark H~  

5-5-02  Ken, My name is Daniel, and recently called into your show  in regards to the Hollings topic that was brought up.  In regards to Internet Security, eg. protecting yourself and your computer on the net, I have found  that a website that I frequent http://www.dslreports.com, has  a good forum in it that has everything to do with  Security. Anyway, this website also has a news section that  brings many bits of information, like the bills that  Hollings has brought up, to the users of the DSLReports.com so that they may know what is going on and how it effects them. Anyway, you have a GREAT show, and keep up the good work! It is great to hear the real world view you bring on the radio.


2-17-02 Ken, I fully agree with what you said today. I am so glad to hear a program like yours. Keep it up!!! (((Kirk)))

1-13-02 I love your show & find it informative, supportive, and entertaining as well. FINALLY, a program that has valid, intellectual, and rational content. - Steve K

1-6-02 Dear Ken, I've been a listener of your show for about a year now. You and your great team have to disappoint me! Of all the shows on KYNG FM, your show is the most relevent in my opinion. You talk about things that matter and about issues which affect us not only as Americans but as citizens of this messed up world. I would love to hear you five days a week! But being a lawyer and running the gun range must take up a huge part of your time. Oh well, I'll take what I can get of you! You are the man in my book! Take care and never change! - Vino

12-30-01 Just a little praise. I just purchased a handgun from your store and I just wanted to say that it was my favorite weapon purchase to date. I am by no means an expert and your sales staff made me feel very comfortable with my purchase. Most gun stores assume I know a lot about guns and ballistics and talk over my head. Your sales staff not only picked out two conceled holsters for me, but showed me how to wear them and made sure I could draw my weapon from them as well. Thanks Ken, you have a new loyal customer. - TJS

9-19-01 - Hey Ken, check out this website. I think an opened minded, balanced guy such as yourself will appreciate the ""ammunition"". They cut through the crap! http://tompaine.com/opinion/2001/09/15/1.html - Bill S.

9-18-01 - I'm really glad to hear you get mad about the home-grown terrorism, the coward-ass sons-of-bitches, militia, and the fact ""....where have we been?"" I'v been in the military for 15 yrs and have read briefings about terrorism. Saw movies and read books about things like this happening. I personally wasn't surprised. It amazes me how easily ""WE"", the american people can overlook what's going on in our house. I couldn't believe the military would allow people to put up Hitler, Nazi, or racist symbols in barracks. I couldn't believe they would keep someone in service who would exhibit such behavior. We allow people to sell secrets and kill innocent people, then act supprised when crap like this happens. I'm pissed that we were attack. I'm a warrior, when you act me expect to be attacked. But, I'm more pissed that ""WE"" don't hold our leaders and criminals more accountable. Thanks for expressing anger I can't until ordered. - Q!

9-17-01 - Right on Ken! The Chicken Hawks in washington are ready once again to send the poor sons and daughters to ANY war that's not here---that's why they don't hunt down the militia's. And of course there's the racism part--they ain't gonna do anything against the white boys. They're getting ready for another unwinable conflict---because their kids won't be going to die. And the Corporate News Media is pumping out the propaganda to support it--for ratings! Also, they hate us because we have supported our favorite dictators against them--Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Ben Ladin, all we on our payrolls. It looks to me like a spillover from the terrorism that we have supported against these people, we bomb Iraq every day, and thousands of their children die because of us---is their life less valuable. It's too complicated of an issue to jump into war against the middle east, when the majority of those nations secretly support their brothers, not us. We need diplomacy and power. Not war! - Bill

6-4-01 I heard your discussion on the grossly unfair and tactily ridiculus war on drugs, right on the mark. I find it especially telling when people who are familiar with the law say the war on drugs is failing. What most of your disagreeing callers do not realize is that there are many more daeths every year related to alcohol than all forms of illegal drugs. Taking into account overdose, car ccidents, and complications from addiction (grand maul seizures can occur from withdrawal from alcohol) alcohol related deaths far surpass the numbers for all illicit drugs. The government has no right to outlaw a plant found naturally around the world, and has so many uses other than smoking. I however do believe the refinement of that plant into a drug should be extremely controlled, i.e. coca plants would be legal but manufacturing them into cocaine would be illegal, similar to laws on making spiritous liquors. Mostly I find it funny/ scary that so many people will vote yes when taking away personal freedoms from a group as long as they do not belong to that group. Although human nature to do so it continues to baffle me how someone can scream about their gun rights one weekend while yelling to take away abortion rights the next. - Iculus

5-26-01 - Guy's you have probably already seen this, but on the 5/23/01 isssue of the Dallas Morning News or at least the web site
www.dallasnews.com there is an article titled "" Cities fear losing right to limit concealed guns."" by Christy Hoppe.
Will these people ever figure out that the criminals will always carry no matter what a sign say's? Why do they make everything so difficult for law abiding citizen? Go figure!
Thanks for your time and love the show!
Mike Payne

4-21-01-I noticed...I'm very impressed with your show and have tried to encourage others to listen, and I'm glad you have two hours now. Just to let you know, on a similar subject, Texas has two marijuna bills in the House right now, HB 513 and HB 1028...So far I have heard no mention of either law in the media, and would just like to let others know about it. HB 513 bascially allows for a medical defense in the event of a cancer or other terminaly ill patient to posses marijuana, and although it does not make it legal, at least patients will be able to have a solid defense. HB 1028 lowers the criminal charges against possesion, (Changes <2 ounces to a class C misdomenor; Anything over 2 ounces a class B, and also prescribes theropy and counsiling for repeat marijuana offenders. These two laws, if passed, would bring Texas that much closer to freedom for recreational as well as medical users. Anyhow, since I dont know all the details, check out http://www.mpp.org/TX for the bills in thier entirety and such. Keep up the great show!

4-20-01- First off, I think you should know because of your show I have a completely different outlook on gun control. Being somewhat of a pacifist, I used to hate guns, but now I understand better the need to at least have the choice to own a gun or not. I was compelled to write due to the show last Sunday about 'victomless crimes'....it's about time a radio personality spoke for those of us who smoke marijuana. This is my major political intrest, and it was a wonderful topic for the show. Why not have another soley about each "crime" and it's effects on society. I agree an hour is no where enough time, so I guess I thank you for the wonderful program and hope to hear many more. - Fish

3-26-01-I like your show alot. I'm especially glad you post the show online since I'm not always able to listen live.
Since you are a gun range owner and lawyer I'd like to hear a show focused on the gun laws for ownership, sale, use, transportation, etc.
Sidebar - I'd like to add that I was a full fledged pro-death penalty person. Recently, with all the people set free on DNA or other modern analytical methods I have serious concerns that we can incarcerate the guilty. So many innocents have been set free from long prison terms and death row that I don't believe we should kill anyone anymore. In fact, I think the methods of the District Attorney's office should be re-vamped to try and avoid so many of these wrong incarcerations. The only thing I hate more than criminals is the possibility that innocents are in jail.-Darrell

3-26-01-First off, I want to say that FINALLY there is some sanity coming out of my radio! I listened to your show for the first time today (3.25.01), and the topic struck a chord with me.
I have been a marijuana smoker for almost 16 years now (I am 31), and I firmly believe this prohibition of this plant is insane. Also, I don't care what some of those callers thought-alcohol IS a more dangerous drug than marijuana. Have you ever heard of someone smoking a couple of joints and then beating his wife and/or his kids? NO! Why? Because it DOESN'T HAPPEN!! Replace "a couple of joints" with "a half gallon of vodka" and you have a more recognizable scenario. Why is weed illegal? You were right- big business. The hemp family, that marijuana is a part of, is an excellent renewable source to make many things including paper, a cloth fiber that is much stronger and durable than cotton, and it is much easier to cultivate than forests or cotton fields. This made the logging and cotton industry see dollar signs float away. Add the fact that the marijuana part of the hemp family has psychoactive effects, and that is all they need to get their lobbying money into Washington. Who do you think was behind that ridiculuous movie 'Reefer Madness'? Another ploy to keep the public misinformed. Therefore, it was made illegal. Not because it was dangerous, but because it hurt some corporations' bottom lines. Stupid, huh? The majority of people in seven states voted in favor of medical marijuana laws, but the federal government won't recognize that. Throws "government by the people, for the people" right out the window, doesn't it? The government could make SO much money by legalization, and then by distribution and taxes. I'll tell you one thing; they wouldn't have to worry about supply, there's enough growers for them to keep the public happy. Unfortunately, that is all a pipe dream for now. One thing is for certain, however; no matter what the government does or how much of our hard earned tax dollars they spend, marijuana will NEVER go away and people will NEVER stop smoking it. The 'drug war' is just a huge waste of OUR money, and as far as marijuana eradication goes, it is time to end it.
THANK YOU for giving me a forum to get this off my chest.- L-Ron
P.S. I have one last comment, this one about your show itself; it needs to be longer, one hour is not enough!!

3-16-01-The criminal problem in the US is almost 100% a drug problem. Rosie O'Donnell has already pledged to get rid of it. It's called testosterone! The vast majority of inmates are male. Coincidence? I think not. Liked your show. -Bob

3-11-01 -Ken, don't bag on yourself. You act like you are not worthy of having the show. You have an awesome perspective and a great way of putting things. I am a big fan and will always listen.
Keep it up!!
By the way, what kind of custom 45 do you carry? - - - -- Tazman

3-6-01 -Regarding your comments about gun shows, perhaps the show promoters could take a lesson from the film industry. Faced with the possibility of government censorship, the industry took it upon itself to establish some self-regulating guidelines. Thus the birth of the MPAA rating system, heading off government involvment.
To headoff government involvment in the gun show business, show organizers should take the initiative, individually or through some organization, to address some of the concerns of the community.
As with the MPAA system, not everyone would be happy, in fact maybe no one. But they might create a system we all could live with. Such a proactive response could headoff government intervention. - - - -- Frank

3-5-01 - A caller asked you about the second amendment referring to a well organized militia. You did at least tell him the term militia as most people understand it today is different than the way the term militia was used in 1879. However the U S Constitution, amend. 2 reads "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
Required reading should be The Second Amendment Primer by Les Adams.Three essays in the Appendix include:

  3. And A NATION OF COWARDS by Jeffrey R. Snyder.
Even in Gun Laws of America by Alan Korwin page 85 he sums up the modern term Militia as defined by Congress on August 10, 1956 under TITLE 10. USC # 311 Militia: composition and classes.
"The Gist: All able-bodied Americans from 17 to 45 years of age are members of the militia. American women who are in the National Guard are members of the militia. Former members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps are member of the militia until they are 64 years old (described in 32-313). The National Guard and Naval Militia are called the organized militia. The unorganized militia includes everyone in the militia who is not in the National Guard or the Naval Militia. Note: In federal law, use of male gender includes female, use of singular includes plural, and use of present tense includes the future. (1 USC # 1) Therefore by definition almost everyone is a member of the militia and our citizens (who are members of this militia) have the right to keep and bear arms. Both of these books or available through Texas State Rifle Association web site under books and videos.
I enjoyed your show both last week and this week. ---Mike Lochabay

2-26-01 - I want to apologize to the listeners that tuned in Sunday night. I discovered at the last moment that my notes for the show were at my office. So I clambered on to the air and winged it. So if the show seemed a little incoherent and unfocused that is because I was suddenly unprepared. On top of that I forgot to put my headphones on at the beginning of the show so I didn't hear us broadcasting. I thought we had dead air when we were live and no one noticed that the headphones were on the table, not my head. Tune in next week when we rise from the dead and put on a good, fun, funky show. - - - -- Ken

2-23-01 - Ken - I just had to say that your show on Sunday was great! I was kinda angry about one thing...WHY ONLY AN HOUR! I NEED MORE THAN THAT! I was just getting into it and BAM - no more show. I know you need support and I am talking to some buddies to go shooting at your range instead of the local one. By the way, how much does a CHL and the training cost? Totally dig the show and I will listen again. MOST DEFINTELY! PEACE - - - -- Tazman

2-21-01 - We cannot hear your radio broadcast in Wisconsin/Illinois. Please turn up the volume. I may have damaged my hearing @ dfw/gr with the MP5 !!!! Can we settle out of court?
Seriously, congratulations on the show, best of luck & thanks for making our trip to Dallas worthwhile. -- sasorg

2-19-01 - Just wanted to drop a line from Ennis TX, love the show. It's better than Howard in the morning, at least more infomative. Hope it stays on. As a young gun owner of 21 yrs of age, that has a open mind and a conscience for safety and the HUGE responsiblity that goes with that. I find your show a breath of fresh air in a turbulent and politically correct time that we live in. I am currently in the prosess of obtaining a CHL and currently owe a Glock, an "assault rifle", and a riot shot gun. Both for my own personal self defense and for the type of sport shooting I enjoy. But to keep from rambling on, best of luck and hope to hear more ...thanks -- Jason

2-19-01 - I believe I found your site by following links from the Texas State Rifle Association web site and I just wanted to wish you good luck. I listened to the show yesterday (2/18) and I think it has a lot of promise. It's great to hear somebody promoting pro-liberty ideas and I plan on listening every week from now on. -- Arden Karr

2-18-01 - I want to say a lot, but I'll try to keep it short for now. I just accidentally found your show on KYNG (I listen to them daily, but have not heard your show promoted.) I do hope you do well on KYNG and stay on the air; maybe get a longer show, too.
Anyway, I am so glad to hear a voice for us "in-betweeners". I am mostly what would be called liberal, but I draw a firm line at second amendment issues. I hope you can reach out to not only the liberals, but maybe the "good ole boy" conservatives, for this is a very divisive issue, and many of us silent majority feel there is room for common ground. Good luck and thanks! -- Mark

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